Restoring SG chainrings and how to coat a stem?


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I've got some Shimano SG chainrings that are looking sad compared to photos of them BITD. Can I attack them with Autosol, or are they anodized silver and I should avoid doing that - just 'clean' them?

Also, if I'm to restore a quill stem (black) that needs new paint, will powder coat be OK? Or will the stem not get down the steerer tube if it's coated moderately thickly? Rattle-can will last 2 mins....

I imagine the OE paint was some sort of thinnish Imron/ Dupont stuff. Kona Velocity stem is the item in question.


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I've just had a frame powdercoated. Far thicker than I thought it would be, and far thicker than paint. Coat must be at leat 0.5mm thick. If you have that all round a stem there is no way it will fit into a steerer tube. I had to get the dremmel out to clean up the lever bosses so that everything would fit back on. It was pretty hard stuff.


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Cerakote them. There are people all over the county doing it now. Its a balistic coating originally made for guns.

Its microns thick, but hard as hell.

Ive done loads of parts with it. Seatposts are fab as they go back in the frame after! Ie they dont grow in diameter like powder coat.

Also pedals, stems, fork components. Any colour, matt, silk or gloss.

But beware its all in the ots so thin whats underneath will show through.

We used it at work to coat race manifolds and turbo parts as its also improves gas flow as its so smooth.

Here is a set of suntour rings i did a few months ago.


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Blimey, those rings look great! I'll do a spot of research now thanks for gloss black on a stem....going to dally at the weekend with autosol on the rear of my SG rings...what's the worst that can happen?!