For Sale Repro - MIG (IRD, Ringle, Bullseye, Cook, Syncros, Fat, WTB)


Fat Chance Fan
For next year:
Ringlé like collar, with screw or skewer.
Ringlé like post.

Further future Ringlé like hubs...


Dirt Disciple
Repro-Parts Made in Germany!
Shipment is NOT INCLUDED!

The conditions of shipment has changed!
Not tracked: from 9€ (till 2Kg)
Tracked: from 13-55€ (depends on weight and destination)!

Some discount is always available!

PayPal only with F&F or add the fees and change quote!

For more details just click. ;)

- WTB/Suntour Post. Length +-450mm
- ø31,8 (0x)
- ø31,6 (0x)

- IRD Seatpost Re-Issue. Just like the Original, only really new.
- ø29.4 (0x)
- ø27.2 (1x)
- ø27.0 (2x)
- ø26.8 (2x)
- ø26.4 (2x)
- ø29.4 (0x)
- ø27.2 (1x)
- ø27.0 (1x)
- ø26.8 (0x)
- ø26,4 (1x)

- Syncros 1st. Gen. Seatpost in 425mm length
- ø31.6 (7x)
- ø27.2 (7x)
- ø27.0 (3x)
- ø26.8 (3x)

- Syncros half shell for ProPosts
15€/piece (25x)

- Ringlé wheel-skewers. Only for hubs.
inquiry/each pair
Saddle skewer
Black: 2x wheels / 0x Saddle
Silver polished: 0x wheels / 0x Saddle
Blue: 4x / 0x Saddle
Red: 2x / 0x Saddle
Gold: 3x / 1x Saddle
Green: 2x / 0x Saddle
Turquoise: 3x wheels / 0x saddle
Purple:0x wheels / 0x saddle

- IRD Switchback cable-hanger. All other stuff is stainless steel.
35€/pair (10x)

- Cook-dustcaps
30€/pair - polished (0x)
35€/pair - black (1x)
35€/pair - purple (4x)
35€/pair - turquoise (5x)

- Syncros Revo-Bolt-Set. Screw and nut are Titan.
inquiry/each (2x)

- CQP or WI BB-Axle, ø15,875mm 5/8", ISO taper
0x - 140mm
0x - 137mm
0x - 133mm

- KLEIN/Merlin BB-Axel, ø17mm ISO taper, for CQP or familia
137mm (0x)
140mm (0x)

- Kooka Racha Lever screws, 7075 T-6.
22€/each pair (+20x)

- Fat Chance Ferrules 6 pieces. Only the ferrules. ;)
25€/each set Silver (2x)
32€/each set Black (4x)

- Paragon Rock-Ring (developed by myself and friends!) hart-anodized. Only the RING!
Screws included.
- 60T (2x) und 64T (2x).
each inquiry

- WTB cable-guide 1" and 1 1/8" with Titan-Ferrule
each 35€ - silver (1"=8x) (1 1/8"=0x)
each 39€ - black (1"=5x) (1 1/8"=0x)

- Grove-quill in 1" (13x) and 1 1/8" (4x) with screw 12.9.
each inquiry

- Brodie U-Brake Booster in RAW and black anodized. With holes or without. Spacer incl.
with holes: Raw/Silver inquiry (10x), Black inquiry (5x)
without holes: Raw/Silver inquiry (10x), Black inquiry (0x)

- CBR E-Crank spacer

- Curve/Grafton/FRO/Avid/Whateverbrake straddle-cable-nuts
8€/pair (3x)

- Shimano-barrels for like BL-M730 or 733, Suntour XC-Pro
5€/pair (+10x)

- Suntour Rollercam Toggles

- Syncros Shim for Shotgun, or other bars. 7075-T6

- Yeti Ferrules, 7075-T6, 10 pieces per set.
40€/set in silver (0x)
50€/set in black (1x)
55€/set in turquoise (0x) or purple (0x)

- Spacer: Bullseye, Cook/CQP
- Bullseye: 9€/set (0x)
- Cook/CQP/Topline/PBC: 9€/set (0x)
- Shimano and other: 9€/set (10x)

- Bullseye spacer for axle, 7075-T6.

- Bullseye Crank-keeper, stainless steel, brushed.

- Shim for Mavic FD ø31,8mm

- Alpinestars FD-Nut. Made of 7075-T6
15€/each (10x)

- Canti-studs for Bontrager frames and forks. Titan 3.7165

40€/pair (7x)

Hi. I’m interested in a 26.8 black Syncros repro post. Can you send me a price including delivery to the UK please?


Fat Chance Fan
Some saddle skewers added.

Also comes up, THE collars! In 28,6 / 31,8 and 34,9mm.
With screw only at first. With "twister" next batch, if needed. ;)