1. M

    Sold Rare Syncros wheel set

    Very rare Syncros wheel set. 32H hubs with aluminium freewheel body. Big Box rims with 25mm width. DT Champion double butted (2-1.5mm) stainless steel spokes and nipples. Lightly used, all the decals are intact, no damage. The wheels are true, bearings run smoothly. Front 817g, rear 1007g...
  2. M

    Sold Mavic X-517 rims on rare Syncros hubs

    Mavic maxtal X-517 rims , syncros 32H hubs, DT Champion double butted 2-1.5-2 mm spokes. The bearings are fine. Very light wheels: Front: 680g Rear: 895g. Front wheel is true, no damage. The rear wheel is also true, but the rim is cracked at 2 nipples (see photo). If the rear rim is not...
  3. marvolo

    For Sale Syncros Cranks 175mm 94 BCD

    Nice set of Syncros cranks, these don't pop up often. 175mm, 94 BCD, clean threads and tapers :cool: $265 USD please Shipping from Canada, can get discounted rates.
  4. C

    Sold RINGLÉ H2O Bottle cage silver

    iconic bottle cage with very minor traces of usage. asking 75€ plus shipping
  5. Bytesex

    1991 Merlin Elevator rebuild

    I am rebuilding my old Merlin and thought I could document it here. The bike has been ridden a lot in the 90s and noughties. Across the Alps and at home. Current look:
  6. fguki

    Wanted SYNCROS water bottle lid only! Sportsbottle black

    Maybe a little odd. But love to resurrect my 2nd Syncros water bottle. I am in search of a black (1) lid off a "Sportsbottle" (see bottom). Would buy the whole bottle of course. Or any other black fitting lid! Note, it must be the larger 48,5mm diameter! I am very sure there are plenty of...
  7. KitMoorkit

    Sold Syncros Titanium 26.8mm seatpost

    Very good condition, 330mm in length. 110Є Shipped
  8. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1998 Syncros Catalogue

    Catalogue (PDF) 1998
  9. Fatboy1974

    Rocky mountain. Which should (can) I choose?

    Hello. I just finished an Almega DX 1991 as my teenager's epoque bike. I could resist to replace my broken Megalite shit stem and Kalloy seatpost for nice Syncros black pieces. And a Flite Titanium.... Now, once I started to dig in the forums, I'e been remembering which bikes liked me the most...
  10. Rewel

    Brodie Expresso 1993/1994 model

    Hi all, My recent Brodie Expresso build. - DT Swiss 240S wheels + Ceramic Mavic rims - LX cantilever brakes + Koolstops - Tektro FL750 Cantilever brake levers - Chris King 1 1/8" NoThreadSet (with devolution 1 1/8" to 1" crown race) - Syncros 1" threaded fork - Thomson Elite stem - Thomson...
  11. fguki

    Wanted SYNCROS seat post 27.0 diameter - black, Ti, aluminium

    Looking for a 27.0 SYNCROS diameter seat post. Could be black, Ti or a silver one ... actually I am looking for multiple. Please offer what you have :) THX
  12. KitMoorkit

    Sold Syncros quill stem & some XTR m900 parts

    I decided to sell part of my collection. If you buy several parts, I will gladly go for a discount. 94' Syncros Cattleprod stem SOLD NOS XTR m900 cainring SOLD XTR m900 brakes 50€ + shipping XTR m900 FD (28.6 & 31.8 clamp diameters) both are top pull, 30€ each+ shipping XTR m910 RD 60€ +...
  13. fguki

    SYNCROS Powerlite Rigid Fork - Show some love! And show us yours!

    This is a thread dedicated to the beautiful SYNCROS "Powerlite" (Composite) rigid fork. Here you have my current 3 models including one "project" fork which is currently re-finished in white with polished drops. Show us yours! Share any information on the fork and share your stories & thoughts...
  14. fguki

    1992 MARIN Team Titanium Litespeed Syncros build-up. Finally!

    At last! ...finally, after a seach of about 1,5 years I can announce to start another MARIN dream build-up. Now, since I already have 2x 1993 "Team Issue" 2x 1993 "Pine F.R.S" and 3x 1994 "Team F.R.S" in my stable I was always aiming at a beautiful "Team Titanium". An absolute must for me...
  15. fguki

    For Sale SYNCROS repro decals sticker sets - for seatpost Generation I

    Selling brand new superb SYNCROS repro restoration sticker for the seatpost head area. Generation I. Option 1: White (Hammer n Cycle logo + main font) - Price: 4,00 Euros + 4,60 Euros worldwide shipping (tracked) Option 2: Black (Hammer n Cycle logo + main font) - Price: 4,00 Euros + 4,60...
  16. fguki

    For Sale SYNCROS repro decals sticker sets - for Powerlite fork

    Selling brand new superb SYNCROS repro restoration decal sets for the legendary "Powerlite" fork. Option 1: White (Hammer n Cycle) set (2x main logo 110mm, 2 x Hammer N Cycle logo) - Price: 12,00 Euros + 4,60 Euros worldwide shipping (tracked) Option 2: Black (Hammer n Cycle) set (2x main logo...
  17. fguki

    For Sale SYNCROS repro decals sticker sets - for stem

    Selling brand new superb SYNCROS repro restoration decal sets. Option 1: White set (2x main logo 90mm, 1 x Hammer N Cycle logo) - Price: 8,00 Euros + 4,60 Euros worldwide shipping (tracked) Option 1: White set (2x main logo 90mm, 1 x Hammer N Cycle logo) - Price: 8,00 Euros + 4,60 Euros...
  18. C

    For Sale SYNCROS Weinmann ano rim 32° with eyelets

    got this syncros labeled weinmann rim sitting around. 32 holes with eyelets. i do have no project for it and so no interest to search for a second one. good condition, lightweight, just minimal wear and a minor scratch (as shown). asking 60€ plus shipping
  19. br0qn

    Wanted Syncros Crank O Matic

    Looking for a pair of these. Thanks in advance.
  20. fguki

    1993 MERLIN Titanium retro MTB build-up thread with much Syncros and Ringlé

    Its about time for me to post another build-up thread! So many bikes have arrived. Come and gone over the last 12 months or so when I posted my last build for my personal collection. 2 weeks ago, I took the opportunity to buy a beautiful 1993 MERLIN Titanium. 840 kilometers on the german...