1. C

    Sold WTB Velociraptor Skinwall Tanwall tire set pair F+R

    letting go these tires as i do have too much things. it's a front and rear pair with different profiles. asking 70€ plus shipping
  2. Bytesex

    1991 Merlin Elevator rebuild

    I am rebuilding my old Merlin and thought I could document it here. The bike has been ridden a lot in the 90s and noughties. Across the Alps and at home. Current look:
  3. uno-speedo

    For Sale Wilderness Trail Bikes WTB Specialized Prolong Team Edition Vintage Saddle

    Quite a rare vintage 1991 WTB / Specialized Prolong Team Edition saddle, with titanium rails, made in Italy. See photos for condition. £85 (net to me) incl UK mainland postage. PayPal F/F or add the fee. SOLD
  4. G

    Wanted WTB Hershey Racing Crankset Shipped to USA

    I am looking to buy a set of Silver Hershey Racing cranks in 170 or 175 length, 94bcd or 110bcd. Looking to buy a set like the ones pictured below.
  5. A

    Withdrawn Odds and sods clearout - Hope, XT, Mavic, tyres, 26" nonsense, bars, chainring, stem etc

    Withdrawn all that didn't go because I am now hoarding it again and some of it is in use :-) Hi everyone, might add some more to this in a bit so will update. Got a bashring or two and maybe a couple more tyres. If I can release them from my hoard that is.. Collection from SE London Mavic...
  6. manuelschafer

    Wanted Searching for a WTB SST Ti & Leather saddle(s) (1998)

    Hi everyone :) def. looking for 1 or 2 of these youngtimer WTB goodies :) let me know if you can help cheerio
  7. S

    WTB 2005 Alchemy Omega Ti XL Frame

    US buyer, will pay for shipping. Used to have one when I lived in Germany. Sold the bike, and moved on. The person who had originally gifted me the bike has passed away, and he was the one who really made this a hobby for me so I’d like to have one again. Very particular request to find an...
  8. W

    Wanted WTB TXC STEM 80MM

    Hi, has anyone got a WTB TXC 80mm stem they might want rid of ?
  9. Tomato

    Swap .

  10. C


    regularly i find myself tidying up the cave 🤦 i got much beautiful stuff laying aroud unused. always more to come, i'll update this by time. i'm happy to parcel worldwide at cost (shipping not included). generally interested in swaps – looking for a silver syncros Ø27,2mm | 330mm seat post...
  11. synlos

    For Sale Tires (WTB)

    Hi Addicts. ;) Up for sale are old but good tires. As i'm riding only on new ones, these can go. - 1 pair WTB Exi-Wolfs, black, foldable, VGC - > 60€ Photos: https://fotos.mtb-news.de/s/95701 Thanks, Tom
  12. synlos

    For Sale Repro - Made in Germany (IRD, Ringle, Bullseye, Cook, Syncros, Fat, WTB)

    Repro-Parts Made in Germany! Shipment is NOT INCLUDED! The conditions of shipment has changed! Not tracked: from 8-16€ (till 2Kg) Tracked: from 8-55€ (depends on weight and destination)! Some discount is always available! PayPal only with F&F or add the fees and change quote! For more...
  13. Elev12k

    WTB manuals & tech

    Toggle Cam installation instructions