Raleigh RSP 550 Titanium Proline SOLD


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Ok, I've thought about it, and it's got to go.

(There is a photo link at the bottom of the listing)

2000 model year

18" centre to top. Sold to me as a 16" - it's not, it's so not, or I'd be keeping it.

Almost original. I think the stem and the gear cables have been changed. It looks to have had an easy life and been cared for.

Plasma welded just like the Torus, only the tubes seem to be a larger gauge.

Magura Rond Quake Air forks and headset

Hope hubs - don't know the model

Rigida Taurus rims

Nova Tec skewers

Magura Louise disk brakes

Sram 9.0 gripshift, and both front and rear mechs.

Shimano Deore XT M750 175mm crankset.

UN72 Bottom Bracket

Amoeba bars

Zoom stem

ITM post

Fizik titanium railed saddle.

Maxxis Minotaur and Kraken tyres.

Onza Stogies are fitted because the original owner hacked half the grips off and fitted some god awful scaffolding pole bar ends. These were all I had knocking about to help tidy the bars up.

No pedals.

The paint has some light scratches on and under the top tube and on the down tube, but is still really bright. The are no dents or cracks. Seatpost moves fine.

Original owner for about 18 years, and me for less than a week. The original owner said it had been used as a promotional and show bike by Raleigh. But he also said it was 16"...although you never know.

Bikemeister2000 says these were his product line.

A few of the decals are breaking up, or starting to peel.

I paid £450 for it, and that doesn't include the £50 I spent on fuel to go and get it. Even if it was an inch smaller I'd be keeping it, but no matter what I do I can't get comfortable on it. It rides so nicely.

That's what I want for it. £450.

I'll only split if I get interest for everything beforehand. I've already had interest in the forks.

I'd swap the frame for a 16" titanium RSP, or a Torus.
Postage costs are not included. I can deliver within about 50 miles - maybe a bit more - for fuel costs.

More photos on request.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Raleigh-RSP- ... 5a15d3d27c


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