Raleigh M-Trax Ti 1000 - My first build attempt - Finished!


Senior Retro Guru
Big shout out for the fact you have the Ritchey’s on the right way around...paddles facing the right way front and rear.

After twenty five years deep in the barn here they will be mighty happy being treated so well.

This is deep arcane retro-knowledge, getting them on the right way around - and on your part I assume that it’s not just a product of 50:50 likelihoods. I remember BITD riding around the South Downs and we would mutter to each other as we passed people - ‘...tyres on the wrong way round....’, ‘...their tyres are on the wrong way around...’, ‘...and them...’

Of course Porcs could go any way around. Which was nice. Until you wanted some serious grip. Great at shedding mud. Quite good at rear wheel traction. Useless at stopping you from being terrified.

It used to be ‘paddles for traction at the back’ and ‘arrows forward for grip at the front’ - always. I look at the direction arrows on some tyres these days and just ignore some of them, since they break that rule - which is a Good Rule in my view.