Question - Which is the most famous/ respected cycle brand that no longer exists?

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Only discovered them when I joined here and was lucky enough to acquire one soon after.


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I’d have to agree. Let’s face it, love them or not, you can’t deny them...even the haters gotta admit they were an important part of MTB back then and still are now in the retro scene. Yes they’re not cheap (overpriced?), but everyone’s heard of them, they were around throughout the ‘golden age’ of MTB’s (80’s to early 00’s) and had many innovative features- superlight alu frame, internal cable routing, square to round chainstays for strength and rigidity, oversized headsets, superlight/oversize alu forks, alu bar/stem combo and that’s before we even get to undoubtedly the most recognisable paint jobs on the circuit (everyone would recognise a ‘Dolomite’ even at over 100m).
The thread asked for most famous btw, not a personal favourite.😉


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Amp Research although the company name seems to be used by guys making after market truck parts in the US


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Suntour for me.

But famous, most these are only famous to us at retrobike or people of our ilk, many haven't got a clue what a Klein or Amp, Cunningham or the original MountainBike (which honestly must top them all) is.

More know of Suntour as they had a good Road scene too and go back further, still young'uns will know the 'name' under the new company SR-Suntour, which isn't the same company.
Produce mediocre parts and crap to actually getting decent suspension forks.

RockShox could be counted for me, it no longer exist, it's just another wing of SRAM ;-)
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I like trek, I don´t really why. They make good bicycles and their policies and advertisment are not agresive like others that says they are the best and that is all.

BUT, they have killed lot of good brands ... perhaps Gary Fisher was tired and get lot of money and a position. It is a very competitive world.

Bontrager, Gary fisher and Klein ... that were some of the best brands. And perhaps Klein one of the top 5.

I remember annother that I use to like: Clark Kent

Dean is alive? Because that was annother of the top Ten. And MacMahon. I think Merlin and litespeed are not death.

This Clark Kent built is amazing.



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Some good thoughts here. Thanks.

there are loads of smaller or more obscure ones that could be pulled out but a key is 'well known or famous'.

Probably as obvious as it is, Klein's winning so far. Was my first thought too.