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finally got chance to take the pace out for its shake down run..........either its been built spot on or the parts just fit together perfectly, i dont know, cos it rode spot on. no niggles, no little grumbles etc.....just nice steady riding taking it all in.


the build has been a mix of "screw it and spend now" and what do i really want? when i first got the frame i thought id leave it till next year and enjoy a few more rides out on the mirage....then i got some cheap rc35 md's of ebay. tbh the elastomers were shot, i had never seen these actually disintegrate before and thought here we go lol.

then some more popped up on ebay, i think the sellers here, and bagged some rc35 mxc's. the elastomers appear ok for know but i have a plan for there strip down :twisted:

my initial plan was to build in my opinion an understated and subtle bike. dx groupset, m231's etc and simple finishing kit. but then i worked out i already had some xt mechs and started browsing for periodish xt parts. here, ebay and bottom draw finds soon meant i had all the parts to build it up, some parts are unique and some you wouldnt expect on a pace but i feel suit really well. this included the sakae stem and megabite tyres. the latter are a tad delicate on the walls so will be replaced when showing signs of failure lol


this is also my first bike with any xtr, the cantis were a RB bargain and the levers the same, theyve had the shifter pods removed and the seller did a stirling job making them look factory!!

the bars also came in 615mm length, ideal for me if i want to add bar ends later, ive not got on with narrow bars ever so these were spot on, they also matched the kalloy post from CRC


aint had a turbo since way back when i competed in bmx dirt and Chrisv40 did an ace deal with me, so comfy and looks at home imho


the wheels turned up of ebay and cleaned up a treat, the seller also wrapped the hoops with the correct tubes which saved using my new spares for the saracen, damn deep section rims lol. next my xt cranks were fitted with new middleburn rings, i feckin love these and didnt take much decision making to keep um on this instead of fitting my tioga reveolvers. new 9 speed chain also fitted to a roadie block......cos i already had it :cool:


when i did big dirty weekend a few years ago, i was given a 1" custom ahead cap, was too cool to not use and im glad i kept it for so long. tim also sent out a new steerer for the forks so the build could finally get done


the frame came with long wheel base dropouts, it climbs nicely with the extra length but unfortunelty the brake pads sit further own the cantis making rear braking not as nice as id liked, but i can live with them, they slow instead of skid, which is correct i suppose :roll:


so there you have it, my dream.........well, one of many, bike. this one will not be sold to fund mortgages and im super happy.itll develop with minor things but overall im settled. its nearly period correct with personal features and rides like it should. BIG THANKS TO ALL YOU SOLD ME STUFF AT CHEEKY REQUESTS ;) you all know who you are :D

spec is
frame- pace rc200 f3(94)
fork- pace rc35 mxc...........soon to be md??? and fork english steel steerer
headset- mpart aheadset and carbon fiber spacers
stem- sakae 1" ahead
bars- kalloy uno 615mm
post- 400mm post
grips- ritchey true grip 3
saddle- turbo
bb- shimao un51
crankset- xt with middleburn 22,32,42 rings
chain- 9speed tiagra/deore
pedals- shimano spuds
mechs- xt front and rear
shifters- xt thumbies on friction
brakes- levers custom xtr and xtr cantis using onza rear yoke
wheels- xt hubs, ss spokes and rigida dp22 rims, tiagra cassette
tyres- ritchey megabite
tubes- continental
cables/outers- braided outers and standard cables with alloy ends

cheers for looking :D


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glad you got another one chris ,mines in the loft at the moment

glad to see your using the stem cap :LOL:


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bit of an update time...... pics a bit poo but its changed a tad over the years. disc drive gets fitted every now n then, brakes have been changed to some maguras and cranks swapped for some that match as the non drive side stripped its thread :(

gonna get re-stripped cleaned, polished and possible upgrades over winter ready for next years xc races if i get my arse in gear...........and lose weight haha