orange gringo 2005 build


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bought a 2005 orange gringo frame off ebay with the intentions off building with parts from the 2000s finsihed it
temporarily will be stripped back down and resprayed and refresed once again.
i bought a 2006 scott tampico of face book for £50 and stole the parts of it for the gringo also swapped some bits with my dads junkyard bike to get it running.
swapped some v brakes for his hope m4 8 enduro brakes and borrowed his mavic 517 rims with deore xt hubs. eventually i will get my own wheels and refresh the calipers. also going to spray it the same colour as my 1992 toyota mr2 to go with the build and have it on the back. taking it to halden forest soon to give it a proper testing but all feels good. plans are currently get some old school marazzochi bomber air forks and and a wider handlebars.

A little update i have bought a specalized ground control fsr for £30 swapped over all the deore xt mech and now running a 3x9 drivetrain. giving another test drive on wednesday cos why not gonna try my mates bomber z1 drop offs as i dont think the rock shox j4 forks can handle hard tech since their firts test run on a red and blue trail has made them leak oil a tiny bit


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yea cant wait to get it painted im gonna strip it down soon i think itll be a blue/silver. hopefully painted soon then gotta get a bike rack for the mr2. the silver will match my daily renault clio. taking the frs for a spin soon installing my spare deore lx v brakes before hand

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