Orange Fans....Restoring a ‘95 P7 & ‘96 C16r - Which way to go with the builds.......?🍊🍊


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Hi, I’ve two builds planned as my ‘92 Aluminuim Elite build is on hold for now and have a ‘95 P7 & a ‘96 C16r both being 17” that I want to do next....
The P7’s nickel finish like most unloved frames has seen better days and the lacquer and rust need addressing for sure but is all original with original decals etc.
The C16r is in amazing condition in its original silver powder coat finish with a couple of the original decals still present.
I’m undecided where to go in both but intend on an XT build on both but that’s it so far. The P7 might get powder coated and leave the C16r as is...... one I want to make a really nice build with new or nearly new parts whilst the other will be more of a work horse so it won’t be as ‘blingy’ ....
My question....should the P7 be the ‘bling’ bike or the C16r?? Neither are going to be stock original as that’s just my preference. Funnily enough, weighing both frames there very little in it with the P7 coming in a tad heavier (45g) than the C16r....


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