Another Orange P7 Restoration - but this time its mine!


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Been a while since I posted but due to Covid things have slowed down......specifically the frame restoration, which hopefully I will get back from ACS in the next few weeks. Everything else is ready for re-fitment and to say I am gaging would be under statement.

Although I stripped the wheels right down, I chickened out with rebuilding them myself. An old friend of mine, who I rode with in the nineties, who actually recommended to me at the time to upgrade to the Mavic rims after I buckled my rear wheel, is a professional wheel builder now. I supplied him with the restored Mavic rims with their new decals, XT M737 hubs, new DT Swiss nibs and spokes and he then worked his magic. They are still extremely rigid considering they are not-far-off 30 years old. He delivered the assembled wheels yesterday and I couldn't wait to fit the tubes, Panaracer Dart Classic Tyres and rear XT M737 cassette.

Couldn't help myself but share the photos......


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The frame could have been saved as it was for sure, but the full rework will give you a nice protection if you're going to use it in anger a lot