Another One For The Fruit Bowl... '94 Orange P7 Full Restoration/Build - Completed with full spec list.....


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Having put my C16R on the back burner for the time being (still waiting for a nice set of Pace MXCD's to turn up somewhere) it was time get cracking with a frame I've had knocking about for a while. Actually I have two the same, a pair of Orange P7 frames, 94 and '95 versions and both 17". I've puzzled over for sometime where to go with them as I like the nickel finish but both had suffered from the usual rust spots all over and around the welds and bottom bracket area. I decided to polish up the '95 frame to a raw finish using the gt85 and spontex pad method then metal polished it to a high finish but my ocd kicked in and pondered on whether it would and rust and develop rust spot scabs again over time........ I decided to have the frame clear coated by a local sprayer who took it on and had a specific clear coat for it but to cut along story short was disappointed in the results..... its now waiting to be fully stripped back again and re-polished but have given up on it in the meantime.

I now turned my attentions to my '94 frame ( A4040028 ) which wasn't too bad but was a bit tatty, scabby rust spots all over and the decals missing in places.




I'd polished and got rid of the rust spots in and around the forks and was going to do the same on the frame again but the old dilemma of it staying rust free and polished with the intended riding I had in mind started me thinking..... I wasn't keen on having to re-polish/wax it after every ride so decided to have it powder coated for piece of mind and longevity and not have the worry of it rusting in the future........ So of it went to a sand blasting and powder coating firm I'd found online who where doing bike frames. They have seen a big intake of bike frame requests and as their reputation had grown immensely popular in the two wheel world and looking at reviews over the last 12 months, my decision was made.......

So after a few weeks (they were busy), the return of my eagerly awaited frame set turned up..... I hope I'd chosen the right colour.....:)






I've kept it silver but have gone for a more aluminium look and really like how it turned out so a big thumbs up to the guys at Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd. for their handy work.

Next was to get the decals I've had lying around for ages onto the frame so a big shout to Gil @retro decals again for my request... Yes they are not the same font type as the original decals but prefer this type so it was on with the task in hand... I also fitted a new Tange 1" threaded sealed cartridge bearing headset and and the polished up cable hanger. Fitted a UN-72 bottom bracket, installed the seat post shim and polished the original seat post and this is where I'm up to currently........







More to follow soon as I've been busy restoring and polishing a few items for the build and will update as things progress. Everything is pretty much sourced and will be running a Deore XT 737 groupset and a set of XT hubs on FIR M123 rims but yet to decide on tyres though I've a few options in the garage. Will update again soon....... 👍
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It’s a lovely finish but I want to ride mine without the potential rust issues in the future but that’s a nice build 👍. Here’s my ‘95 prior top coating it. A lot of time went into it but sadly it’s not looking as good now until I strip it all back….😩


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A few updates on some of the bits n bobs going onto the build..... As some of you will know I have a bit of a thing for polishing and sprucing up parts that I get a lot of satisfaction from and love seeing the end results. Adds to the excitement of a doing a new retro build or is it just me...? Pic heavy content to follow.... :p

The original SK8 stem wasn't too bad to be honest but still felt it needed a spruce up to have in keeping with the rest of the build.









An old set of Onza L-bends I've had lying around for donkies needed quite a bit of work in all fairness and had been putting them off for ages and nearly binned them at one point but time and patience payed off with these and looked great with new decals....






Front brake cable hanger was given the same treatment.....


Hoping to start getting the rest of the components on over the weekend just to see how it's looking in general so more piccies to follow ..... 👍 🍊


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A bit more progress on the build front.... Next on the attention side was to check over the wheels and service the hubs..... A pair of XT M737 hubs on FIR M123 rims have been fully stripped, cleaned and re-greased with Shimano premium grease (that lovely lime green stuff ;)), freehub stripped and flushed, wheels checked, trued and tensioned and for now, fitted a pair of Ritchey Megabite Z Max 2.1's......
The rest of the accumulated XT M737 group set is on bar the cantis which are black LX versions with XT holders and pads with new Ti m6 mounting bolts. The polished Stalk stem, seat post and a set of polished Hot Rod bars contrast nicely against the new aluminium silver finish have been all fitted to the frame, the brifters are on along with Orange Friction Addiction grips and also fitted the Orange saddle. I appreciate not all of these parts are period correct but still complement the build and keep the Orange theme going really pleased with how it's coming along ......













Just needs cabling up now, pop on a new chain and fit a NOS set of DX (PD-M525) pedals and it will be done. Undecided still on the tyre choice as I also have a set of IRC Mythos 1.95's, a pair of blackwall Tioga Psycho's or even a set of Michelin Wildgrippers (skinwall/black tread) that can go on but the Z max's will do for the meantime. Will update again soon and hope to get some proper outdoor photos done when the weather improves as it's been totally pants recently ....