Now in its 9th year and with added Procon-ten! Gates 2018

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“Look at the avarice on him!”

“Could be worse, stupid glutton free diet”



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Ok chaps and <deep voice> 'men', two weeks to go!

Sunday 22nd July

Arrive as early as you like but departure for around 10.30am please

Pm for location, be aware that the A1 and A14 are being upgraded in the area so there may be weekend road closures and diversions.

Bacon sarnies and tea in the morning

Jumble sale for the afternoon for those that don't have to rush home so bring tat.

Helmets are like the current law - optional. The ground is hard but there's no rocky climbs or fast descents and you're more likely to have a soft landing in a cow pat anyway.

I look forward to seeing you all!