Mountain Mayhem sign up thread - PLACES STILL AVAILABLE!

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Gravy Monster":85f8nfh6 said:
any123":85f8nfh6 said:
I have not thanked you for last year i will bring some along so i can borrow it again if i run out

thanks andy

Yes you did Andy , you paid me for it :)

My memory is not what it used to be but i remember now.
Haveing issues with my knee still going to try and get as many laps in as I can ,had mentioned to gump if he wanted a couple of laps as I think he was with out a team ,but if he doesn't want them dan you can be my emergency back up
Cheers Nobby, would be ideal thanks!

Sure there will be other options too.. especially if weather goes traditional
As I'm crap with computers and get very very little time to post stuff I was going to bring a few things to sell ,was wonder do I need to start a new thread on race section to advertise my ware's for the flea market ?
Long range bbc weather forecast is .... You guessed it :facepalm:
I see no problem with the 15 day forecast which says a bit of rain and then sun in the latter part.

Thanks andy
Met office says little rain Friday, little rain Sunday, Sunny all day Sat. That plus the fact that no one has been on the course makes me wonder about tyres
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