Mountain Mayhem sign up thread - PLACES STILL AVAILABLE!

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You should know I'm a full DX groupie these days. Still ridiculously jealous of those shifter...

If I beat you I reckon you should donate them to my next build! ;)
Well just picked up the last few bits I need ,just need to fuel up car in morning and get lamb out of freezer and the road trip can begin
Have suggested to the mrs that we visit you horrible lot on Saturday. Looking very likely.
Depending on how this pans out am certainly considering supporting another event or even running our own for 2014. Have to give it a fair crack but it does seem some key ingredients which have made the event so memorable are missing. Apart from the rain of course, sure that can be relied on...

Anyhow Mountain Mayhem 2013 Final COuntdown thread now up so let's continue discussion on there.
I like the idea of a fully retro weekend, with camping, rides and pootles for all abilities, guitars and singing, brotherly/sisterly love...........
Peace and goodwill, a retro bike jumble, adult beverages............ a teepee, standing stones, dowsing.......
Not open for further replies.