Mountain Mayhem sign up thread - PLACES STILL AVAILABLE!

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With the dates announced for Mountain Mayhem 2013, I thought it might be a good idea to set up a thread for anyone who is seriously considering riding this year.

The dates are the weekend of the 15th and 16th of June.The 'race' usually starts at 12 noon on the Saturday and finishes 24 hours later at 12 noon on the Sunday.
Many people will aim to arrive on the Friday, which is the 14th of June this time. Some people arrive even earlier.

The Retrobike area has historically comprised a covered social area, casks of real ale, a bangin' sound system, Jean Michelle Jarre-esque light and laser show, a smoke machine and the infamous RB Hecklermaphone.
More details will of course follow once we've sorted out all the team entries.

If the usual team options apply then you will need to choose between 10 person team, 5 person mixed gender team (at least one male or female on each team), 4 man team, 4 women team and solo.
There is also a singlespeed category.

The entry deadline is normally the end of February.

The Retrobike Area Event Coordinators (AECs) will be coordinating team entries again this year, and I'm happy to oversee things.
Last year we had over 50 riders representing Retrobike and I'm sure we'll be able to have a great Retrobike contingent once again in 2013.

So post up here if you are thinking of riding. Please include your preferred team category and the area group/people you think you belong to or would like to ride with.

UPDATE: 13/02/13

Based on this thread and from skimming through the area groups this is what I am surmising so far.
Hopefully this will help to match up people with other team mates.
Let me know by posting on this thread of any updates.
Please contact team captains to join a team or sort out new teams/captains as and when appropriate.
Team captains will need to take care of entering their teams when they open on February 28th.

10 man:

West Midlands Ten
nevadasmith (captain)

Unfit Multi Region Ten ( Still recruiting )
nobby the sheep
Sarah (Mrs_Easy_Rider)
Hot chilli

4 man:

Southern Area Four
retroyetirigid (captain)
Pyro Tim

The Retrobike Cyclepaths

Easy_Rider - NW area
elPedro666 - NW area
drystonepaul - NW area
Jon - West Mids area
Matthew71 - West Mids area
daj ? - West Mids area
longun - NLincs E&SYorks area

People possibly looking for teams:

niel__j - Anglian area - 4 man
Splatter Paint - SE area - 4 man?
Gravy Monster - SW area - 10 man?
Makster - SE area - 10 man?
Grannygrinder - S Wales area - 10 man?
Rob Atkin - NE N&WYorks area - 10 man?
captaincosmic - East Mids area - 10 man
cchris2lou - SE area ?
any123 - Intruder - ?

Let everyone know if you are looking for a team by posting on this thread please.
I'd like to put together another 4 man North West Area team again.


drystonepaul : 4 man team : NWA ( Now riding solo )
drystonepaul":2c8vigsj said:
I'd like to put together another 4 man North West Area team again.


drystonepaul : 4 man team : NWA

Shouldnt that be NHWA....Nazi Heckling With Attitude

Count me in...Im sure one of the Anglian AEC's will be along shortly to arrange teams....10 man please... :cool:
I am really wanting to go this year. Looking to see if there is anyone else in the NE/Yorks section to do it with but not really bothered which team I'm in, I'll hold any team back in the final standings equally well.....

I am an expert heckler though, I can do that....
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