Mountain Mayhem 2015 - Team coordination and sign up thread

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Mountain Mayhem 2015

Dates: 19th, 20th and 21st June 2015
Venue: Gatcombe Park


Mountain Mayhem has been a mainstay of the Retrobike calendar since 2008 when a handful of Retrobike forum members met up at Eastnor Deer park to take on the challenge riding old bikes for 24 hours.
Since then Retrobike has fielded up to 60 riders and dozens more hangers on at each event for the for the past few years.

The dates are the weekend of the 19th, 20st and 21st of June.The 'race' starts at 12 noon on the Saturday and finishes 24 hours later at 12 noon on the Sunday.
Many people will aim to arrive on the Friday, which is the 19th of June this time.

The Retrobike area has historically comprised a covered social area, casks of real ale, a bangin' sound system, Jean Michelle Jarre-esque light and laser show, a smoke machine and the infamous RB Hecklermaphone.
This year the organisers have promised the return to track-side camping/heckling opportunities too.

More details will of course follow once we've sorted out all the team entries.

The usual team options apply so you will need to choose between a 10 person team, 5 person mixed gender team (at least one male or female on each team), 4 man team, 4 women team or riding solo.
There is also a singlespeed category.

The Retrobike Area Event Coordinators (AECs) and various willing individuals will be coordinating team entries again this year, and I'm happy to oversee things.
Last year at the new venue of Gatcombe Park, we had fantastic weather and over 40 riders representing Retrobike. With trackside camping and heckling, I'm sure we'll be able to have a great Retrobike experience once again in 2015.

So post up here if you are thinking of riding. Please include your preferred team category and the area group/people you think you belong to or would like to ride with.

It would also be nice to see how many people commit to the challenge of riding all their laps on an old bike rather than cheating and using a carbon, full suspension 29er... This is Retrobike afterall.

For example:

Drystonepaul - North West Area - 4 man or Solo


Please let everyone know if you are looking for a team by posting on this thread or if you prefer you can set up your own team threads and organise teams that way.
It is easier to keep track of things if this thread is kept updated by team captains please.

Team captains will need need take care of their online team entries when they open on the 28th February.

I'll be making the traditional trip over Pat Adam's house to make my entry in person as usual if anyone wants to join me.

Thanks Paul

will ensure all instructions above are followed :D

the 10 man teams by enlarge complied last year ....well 2/3 anyway :LOL:


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I'll be there again, retro of course, probably a NW10 if that's happening? Been far too slack on my drinking the last couple of years... :D

I will be going, 4 man team again.

So far it is me and Harry Crumb.

DSP are you going to join us again?

Splatter Paint: 4 man team (fast) :LOL:

I've solo'd two years now, time to kick back a bit. :D I do like to race when I enter a race (!) so some similar-minded folk would be appreciated. Failing that, slackers with beer and bbq it is... This year I'll get the DBR Axis TT built for it.


so far a four man team from up north is coming together nicely in the form of:

4 man team:
+ another (awaiting responses from potential team members)
Re: Re:

HarryCrumb":x4k744nz said:
so far a four man team from up north is coming together nicely in the form of:

4 man team:
+ another (awaiting responses from potential team members)

^^^ Nice one Mr Crumb

The Lost Souls (non regional) 10 man team are over the 1/2 way point and gradually climbing (see seperate thread in this section) so its good to know we'll have a few others on site to share a beer and a heckle :D

If anyones interested joining a "Just for Fun" 10 man team and can handle two laps in 24hrs in between beer :LOL: PM me or visit the thread viewtopic.php?f=5&t=315050

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