Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer 1990--new build


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Hi all--just received a well-worn Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer frame and stem in the mail. Serial number indicates it was built in 1989, but it reflects that changes MG made for 1990 (seat binder faces rearward, and it doesn't have the hite-rite loop). Its paint scheme is shown in the 1990 brochure ("nouveau flames") and I can't find any earlier examples of it. So calling it a 1990--but if there's anything else I should be looking re. date, please let me know!

I'll document the build on here as I collect parts , but I wanted to get some opinions on refinishing. The paint is in pretty rough shape, with a ton of scratches and a nearly naked drive-side chainstay. But I really do like the flames, and I think the paint is a big part of what makes MG bikes special. Having it recreated isn't really a viable option as I think it would cost a ton (and I'm going to be riding this bike like it's 1993).

There's no apparent rust or real damage to the frame itself. There's a shallow dent where a bar-end clamp hit the top-tube but that just makes it like every bike I had in the '90s. Totally rideable. I'll cut and polish the paint this weekend, and I've got new decals on the way. Between that and some (a lot of) touch-up paint and a coat of wax, I think I'll be satisfied.

But I could also be talked into a repaint (would be a cost-efficient job; no attempt at recreating a typical MG scheme). Would be nice to have the forks match, for one (have some black Tange rigid forks on the way), and not having a catalog spec'd color means the plenty of choice.

What would you do?

FWIW: planning mostly Suntour XC Pro for the build. I'll probably keep the specialized alloy headset and (not stuck!) SR seapost that came with.


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Bert the Weldor

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Neat paint scheme! Would be a shame to lose it. But probably damn hard to save it too. Maybe a good auto painter could look at it and blend you up some matching touch up paint. I assume fading, so just going with original paint code wouldn't due. In NYC there's gotta be a frame painter around. Maybe worth looking into for an idea on what a repaint would be for a redo of matching paint and flames, but maybe also worth looking at an off the shelf red that's close and do the flames in solid white that can be just taped off and sprayed rather then fancy airbrushing. Then you can keep the "feel" of the original and be in budget.
Looks like a tire pump nipple on the head tube. but don't see one on the TT for the other end. Would seem odd if they only had a clamp on one at the other end. And looks like too long a run to have it wedge into the TT/ST junction. Any sign of a broken off braze-on under the TT?


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Thanks Bert! Agreed, might have to get creative in an effort to save the paint. I'll see if I can tease any of the original color out of what's left, and if touch up on the top tube is a viable option. There are frame painters in and around NY! Would cost ~$600-$800 from what I can gather. Not necessarily an unfair price (these guys are good at what they do), just more than I'm willing to shell out (at least right now, when I'm buying new parts every other day).

Not seeing any sign of a missing braze on--a 53cm pump should fit in there (bike is small at 17").


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^^ Agreed. Just sort out any rust spots and touch in any chips by hand and enjoy it.


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100% keep original paint, it looks amazing and 100% ride it like it’s 1993... hope your legs and body are up to it!!! :LOL: :LOL:


Dirt Disciple
Removed some decals (new ones on the way)—turns out those white flames were originally neon!


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