Modern BB in retro build (sacrilege!!) - question


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Are P7's not usually 113mm?
I’m just doing like for like - can’t recall when I replaced it as it would have been years ago. Was originally an LX chainset (4 bolt ugly AF) which I replaced with some L&M (soon for sale) until I got some middleburns (but didn’t realise they don’t match! Good job you don’t look at both sides of the bike at the same time


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Decent ones getting scarcer - having ground out my last UN-72 and killed a Token in only two winters, I'm trying the Genetic Karyotype now.

Agree with this. UN9x UN7x are still unbeatable in terms of longevity £ for £. I've used Token too, which are not bargain basement,
and found them just about OK. I'm really put off with the cheaper ones which seem to have flooded the market.

I'm starting to think it may be time to pony up for Phil Wood, Royce or Hope once and for all.


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Pretty sure I have a hope or is it middleburn ti bb in 110 size. Not sure on the shell width though, I'll need to check.