Minority report and retro bikes


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Been watching this 'new' series. Made in 2015 but only aired now?
Anyway, 20 odd mins into the 3rd episode, set around 40+ years from now, i spy a guy walking what looks like an old cannondale through a crowd. Yellow main frame and headshock forks, black rear end (suspension). A few mins later, same bike, but what, another retro full susser in view too, can't quite work out what it us, maybe a specialized fsr?

Anyone else watching it and spotted/identified them?

I wonder what these bikes would be worth 40 years from now?


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My gut feel is some of the artisan halo bikes from the early years will be worth silly money. Victorian prices can be truly eyewatering. They may just be hung on a wall and pulled down at dinner parties but the parts will be easily replaceable with 3D printing. In an ever advancing tech world there will always be a place for cool retro stuff, if only to show the grandkids what you rode in your youth.