Mick ives has paseed away


Retrobike Rider
A few days ago, Rory H has started a Facebook page in memory which is great. I only met gjm a handful of times when he rode for saracen. Appears he cycled for a veeeeery long time and did some bloody epic stuff layer on in life aswell.

Any pics, stored etc please share
Such sad news, a real legend of British cycling.

This is very sad news. Mick’s shop was my LBS in the 80s, well local to my school anyway. We used to visit there regularly during lunch break.
He was often a bit grumpy but was always kind and accommodating of us lads piling in only to browse or ask questions. One time he let me have a go on an awful plastic Itera that had just come in.

A nice man and a real inspiration, as well as a true cycling legend.
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Did a ride with him way back before I’d even heard about “Retrobike” (between ‘98 and ‘02 as I was riding my Kilauea) on a CTC access learning weekend. Was like a machine, and more importantly, came across as a thoroughly nice bloke. Could have easily ridden us into the ground, but was equally happy chatting with those of us just holding on at the back, as those pushing the pace at the front.

RIP Sir.
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I only know of his name from the pages of MBUK racing coverage, I picked up the mags in 1990 & he was regarded as the old man of UK MTB racing then. It seems he will be sorely missed. RIP Mick.
Incredibly sad. As many have mentioned he was an absolute beast/machine on a bike, a real-life Duracell Bunny!

Saw him at many races races throughout the 90s. Remember him passing me when I was in Youth/Junior race at Margam Park in the early 90s and giving me a nod of acknowledgement as I moved over to give him passing room on the climb. Never saw him again that race! ;)

RIP Mick