Marin Titanium FRS 93 - Help wanted (and needed)


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That would be good if you could ask.Thanks.

I think merlin followed by Litespeed re regular ti Marin’s.

First year (98? Duh 89!!) ti Marins were Merlin. They all seemed to crack in the seatpost. Next two years were Litespeed. I had a July ‘90 15.5 inch team ti now in Annecy. Hyper-reliable lovely frame. Absolutely confirmed as July 90 by
Litespeed through their serial number enquiry (25.00 usd).
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Guessing you mean 89 rathe than 98?
Yeah I've had an early 89 that cracked at the seat tube, seller didn't see it until I cleaned it all back, sad to see but it got returned (ebay)

My 90/91 Team Ti were lovely bikes, decals on 91 my fave.

Yes LS look-up fee goes to charity right? I was using them before they started doing that but can't grumble given it's for charity and a great idea.


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Hi Stefan, I think I may have owned that at someone as that serial rings a bell, either that one or similar. Where did you find/buy it from?

Hi SavagePower, sorry for getting back to you only pretty late. I have bought it from a guy who apparently workes for Marin UK, i bought it a year or 1.5 ago. Very nice guy but did not know much about the origin. Decals seemed to be for me reproduced, the purple did not match the ususal Marin Purple and in US and German speaking areas the Ti FRS cama anyhow with the silver decals. Now I am very inclined to believe that it is produced by Litespeed, accessoires from that time as Ti LVE or Stem are made by them. They did not know anything about it though and did not seem to be interrested either - as was Marin US when I contacted them. Anyhow meanwhile I even got the LVE and will do a full rebuild to the original form. Only looking for a cool seatpost. The # seems to deserve that, if it is meaningful or not (number and rebuild) are another question ;)

But very much would appreciate any help or hind you might have!

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