Manitou fs 1996 Xtr m900 finished pictures on pg4


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Much appreciated 😉 take it you are not a lover of the Spengles.
How's your spesh build going?

One of the two "final" missing pieces just arrived today, with the other due on Wednesday.

So it's nearly time to cable up and ride off into the sunset...

What I mean is: It's nearly time to start looking for parts for the next build!


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As for the Spengles: Yeah, but that's because I'm simple minded and like simple things.

They've obviously very nice on the bike in question!


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Frame: 1996 Answer Manitou FS
Fork: Manitou 3
Rear Shock: Manitou coil shock
Wheels: Spengle Mtb3 carbon tri-spoke
Tyres: Ritchey zmax megabite WCS Kevlar grey
Shifters: Xtr m900
Brake levers: Xtr m900
Cantilever brakes: Xtr m900
Chainset: Xtr m900
Front derailleur: Xtr m901
Rear derailleur: Xtr m900
Bottom bracket: Xtr m900
Stem: Answer Atac
Handlebar: Answer Taperlite 2
Seatpost: Manitou Ringle Moby
Saddle: Vetta trishock
Seat QR: Controltech Titanium
Skewers: Salsa rasta flip offs
Pedals: Dx m650
Cable housing: Xtr
Grips: Onza Ules
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