Looking for advise on adding disks to old Yeti


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This is the option I'd go for, with a cantilever on the back...


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Link below to the build thread to give folk a glimpse of what it would/could look like fully loaded , To be honest its not at all in your face / cultural vandalism



Having watched the video I so need to spoke up my Hugi - it sounds like a Gatling gun at low speeds god knows what that would sound like on a sharp decent a burst from a mini Gun or an A10 Warthog

And even Mike aka Mr Yeti made a positive comment on the torchwork and discs

Wow, I’m sold. Do it that looks freakin’ lovely. It’s a previously modified frame so your not taking anything away from it.

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Timoth27":28b3iyan said:
Wow, I’m sold. Do it that looks freakin’ lovely. It’s a previously modified frame so your not taking anything away from it.

Original posters frame has already had torch work done and owned from new, and the one above has lost none of its appeal either unlike it would if you put 100mm+ fork on it, or heaven forbid turned it into a 1x10 with triple clamp forks or even castrated it completely and turned it into a single speed :facepalm: admittedly all of those could easily be undone.

liking the Pro-Stop and keeping the canti and the back idea as well


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Thank you all for your time and opinions I truly appreciate it. Its a hard decision for sure, much easier if it was someone else's bike I was watching get built or something I could easily undo! The video above is the one I saw and if you didn't know anything about the frame it looks like a pretty sweet ride that was born with discs..really nice job. i wouldn't be able to bring myself to hacking off the brake bosses so what is the point then right?

I think I may just leave it as is and add back the correct parts I bought with it. I seriously need a nice crankset though...would love a set of bullseyes but they seem more rare than the actual mythical Yeti beast himself these days.

Part of my problem is if I went discs I couldn't use some really cool parts I was so psyched to get back in the day, Pauls levers, the pipe dream brakes, bullseye hubs...no, I think I have made up my mind. I will keep it as is and try to find a nice crank set for it.

thank you all for bearing with my insanity. :) you are all awesome!

anyone have a bullseye crank\bottom bracket for sale? :D