Left side tandem crankset on a bike. Bad idea?


Retro Guru
Hi guys,

Do you reckon it would be a bad idea to install a crankset originally designed to be fitted with the chainrings on the left hand side of the bottom bracket on a regular bike?
I think the only difference would be that the threads for the pedals will be the wrong way around.
Would that mean they would come loose? I guess it all depends on quickly that would happen. Any idea?



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Yes, worst case scenario I could just stick some threadlock on the pedals. Not ideal but...


Retro Wizard
Depending on the pedals they might also be the wrong way round (think what happens when you put a SPD pedal on..)🤔

Spa Cycles for decent cranks for £35 in 160mm.


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Yes, I came to that conclusion too, and decided to keep my life easy. Also, I hadn't seen the cranks from Spa Cycles, they are really good value.

The only issue is that all those that come in 160mm have one of the bolts behind the crankarm, a layout I prefer to avoid (why do they even make them like this??). So I either go for the 165mm, or for the kid ones at 155mm 🤣


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Yes there's a risk that the pedal will unwind with a left hand tandem crank arm on the drive side, but I've never had it happen. Those spa chainsets are good. I have a couple (well 3 in fact, as we have the tandem set) The bolt behind the crankarm sounds more inconvenient than it is in reality.