Kona Resto Fork Woes


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Was hoping for some help and advice regarding a rigid fork for my Lava Dome restomod build (pics of resprayed frame for interest). It came with some non period sus forks that I’ve now sold. But when I’ve come to replace them I’ve found it very difficult.

Some project two forks would be ideal but finding threadless, long steerer, sus corrected examples is proving difficult. New options are looking safest compatibility wise but I’m finding them very expensive and mainly relying on disc mounts.

Any advice or suggestions would be great. I’d really like canti bosses and rack mounts and no too pricey.



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I've a pair of Pace RC31s not doing much, a nice long steerer as well (they fitted a 20" Kula frame no problem). No canti bosses but have V-Brake mounts. Happy to let them go at the right price if you're interested.