Klein Pinnacle build coming up..


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Hey guys!

I found myself another "useless" project. Its a 1992 18" Pinnacle, that came up cheap on the local ads and I could not resist...

Although the frame is much too small for me, maybe it will fit one of my sons soon (TM). But I'm having so much fun building bikes, so here we go (again).

Yesterday, the post man brought this little package:

It seemed way too small for a bike, but hey! Every part (that was promised by the ad) is in there...

Now I am about to assess what I have.
Surprisingly it came with a campagnolo group set, did not expect that, thou I did recognise the cranks on the ad's picture. In addition to that there are the two hubs, the rear derailleur, the thumb shifters and the brake handles. As well as the rear brake, the front pair is missing. As is the forks and the MC1 :facepalm:
Then there is a funny rolls saddle, peadals of unknown brand and a Tioga seatpin.

Next up will be cleaning and sorting out some 1" forks. I have a pace RC35 in 1" on stash. Not sure it will fit the bikes theme. But we'll see.


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On a little side note: If you ever wondered about how much mock is able to stick permanantly besides the pulley of a rear derailleur, here is the answer:

Kind of looks like a second pulley, doesn't it?


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That's the reason why it is a good idea to leave the headset races in the frame for transport.

I had some time to deal with the major scratches on the top tube.


I'd say, the colour is close enough...



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You gave me a good idea to fix a couple bikes for my kids.... Not much luck lately in the ads, but learning lots...


Klein Fan
You mean you get a feel for the prices?

I searched through my very limited 1" fork options and found this Sakae Aluminium fork. What do you recon? Go or no Go?



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This would be the Pace option. With Syncos stem and bar.
I think I like it better than the sakae version....



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Sakae fork actually suits it really well in my opinion. If you do go sus a RockShox MAG series would probably work better than the PACE looks wise.


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Hmm... I have a few mags lying around, but they're all 1 1/8".

I'll have to ask around for a swap of crowns...


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1" pepperoni. I have a pic of my rascal with some on. Looks awesome, suits the chunky frame.