Sold Klein Attitude 20th Anniversary 21” Judy


Retrobike Rider
Special edition of the Klein Attitude: The 20th Anniversary Edition, released in 1995.

Lots of photos here:

Details Frame and MC2:

- 21" (size L)

- 0 degrees MC2 135mm x 580mm wide (no noodle)

- 31.6mm seat post

- 34.9mm front derailleur

- Not drilled out!

- Bottom bracket width 110mm (steel)

Front fork details

- Rock Shox Judy

- Upgrade: all bolts are titanium, including the bolts of the crown, after market upgrade seals

- Special black edition

- V-brake specific

- choice: replace black outer legs by Judy XC bronze outer legs (Canti brakes) > no extra charge

- choice: black outer legs replaced by Judy SL yellow outer legs (Canti brakes) >no extra charge

- Choice: upgrade Total Englund air kit, price 100 euro extra.

- choice: upgrade Styff Shock Bone Carbon Brake Arch (Canti) - NEW > price 125 euro extra

Condition Frame and MC2:

The frame is in excellent condition. No dents or cracks.

Some paintwork damage here and there.

Most visible paintwork damage: Paint damage on the underside/inside of the chain stay on the left, Chainsuck paint damage has been repaired, but is still slightly visible. MC2 has some paint damage at the bottom where you mount the brake levers and at the end of the handlebars (no cracks or shrinkage).

All paint damage has been photographed.

Condition Front fork:

The black Judy is in excellent working condition with hardly any paint damage.

Yellow Judy SL fork legs are in good condition, slight paint damage (I can supply additional photos).

The bronze Judy XC fork legs are in excellent condition (I can supply additional pictures)

The ShockBone is new (but has been fitted). Photos can be supplied.

Englund Total Airkit holds air but could possibly use a service (kits for sale on ebay).

Price: 1400 euro (I can accept GBP)

Registered shipping to United Kingdom: 140 euro (thank you Brexit, you killed the UK Retro MTB market…..)
Registered shipping to Germany, Spain, France and most other EU countries: 30 euro

Collecting in Hilversum, the Netherlands: no problem. I am happy to make an appointment.


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