klein attitude

  1. R

    Any views on how much this could be valued at? Almost mint condition

  2. R

    Klein Attitude Value

  3. R

    Klein Attitude

    I have an Klein Attitude that I built up over 13 years ago and has only be ridden twice on short road trips ….it has been in storage for most of this time. All high spec components and the frame were new at the time of build. I intend to sell the bike shortly and I would be interested to hear...
  4. rubon87

    Sold Klein Attitude comp

  5. fguki

    For Sale U want one, too? KLEIN "Authorized Dealer" Shop Sign Door Entrance Repro sticker

    For sale: Superb beautiful KLEIN "Authorized Dealer" shop entrance door sticker. 180mm wide! Brand new and unused. Professional color print on white vinyl. Not "homemade" by some bloody inkjet or so. This is a professional industrial heavy duty sticker. Current price: 8,00 Euros a piece +...
  6. P

    Sold Klein Attitude Moonrise Linear Fade 19"

    I offer the Klein Attitude model with a boxed fork and MC1. Size 19 ". Color Moonrise Linear Fade. Equipment Shimano XTR / XT 3x8. Cook Bros Racing cranks. Saddle Selle Italia Flite. Carbon wheels SPIN 26" tires Panaracer Smoke / Dart kevlar 26x2,1 ". Frame is profi repainted by Gerrit -...
  7. P

    Klein vs. Cannondale

    Today I finished two retro bikes for Easter. I like both brands, but it's hard to decide which of the bikes I prefer. Which bike would you choose? Klein or Cannondale? Happy Easter :)
  8. fguki

    For Sale KLEIN MC2 wrench key road & MTB size Attitude Adroit and Quantum Pro

    PM me if you are in need of the MC2 specific wrench keys (Road & MTB size in stock). EU-shipping is 3,20 Euros. Worldwide shipping: 7,20 Euros. 1.) KLEIN MC2 MTB size wrench key. Model: Attitude / Adroit 1994-1996/97. Aluminium. *NOS*: 28,00 Euros each, plus shipping (worldwide available)...

    Sold Klein Paint Job for 'Sale'

    Over the past few years, I have resprayed a number of Klein frames and can now reproduce the iconic Klein neon fades. I want to continue build my experience and add to my portfolio of examples. I am offering a paint job for the cost of materials and paint only - my time will be free! The...

    1994 Klein Attitude

    Hi All, Just finished my dream build... a 1994 Klein Attitude with Spinergy Rev X Roks wheels, period correct XTR group set and Topline cranks (ignore the tires and pedals, they are just temporary). Picked it a couple of years ago (minus the wheels - I already had those kicking around the...
  11. fguki

    For Sale MANITOU R7 Pro suspension fork KLEIN Attitude color Sea & Sky

    I am selling a professionally painted Sea & Sky mid 90s KLEIN Attitude matching MANITOU R7 pro fork. Under 100 miles, very few signs of wear. Perfect working order. Asking price: 750 Euros + shipping to your destination. Open for your offers. Just PM me. Worldwide shipping available at your...
  12. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold Klein Attitude 20th Anniversary 21” Judy

    Special edition of the Klein Attitude: The 20th Anniversary Edition, released in 1995. Lots of photos here: https://fotos.mtb-news.de/s/96559 Details Frame and MC2: - 21" (size L) - 0 degrees MC2 135mm x 580mm wide (no noodle) - 31.6mm seat post - 34.9mm front derailleur - Not drilled...
  13. W

    Retro Klein 90’s Storm Jersey

    Hi all, I’m a newbie and was hoping for a little advice! I’ve recently gotten back into MTB after a 25+ year absence. But way back in 1995 I was an extremely hard working and very fortunate 16 year old who was the proud owner of a tricked out Klein Attitude in gator linear fade with Rock Shox...
  14. H

    Sold Klein Attitude Comp

    Klein Attitude Comp 17.5" Jamaican Gold For sale my much loved Klein Attitude, bought about 5 years ago and updated/upgraded ever since. I've had my fun with it so time to move it on for something else. The frame is in excellent condition, with only a few minor scratches - the worst being...
  15. M

    Wanted Wanted 19" MC1 Klein Attitude or Adroit frameset, or possible bike. 1992/1993

    Wanted 1992/93, 19", MC1 Attitude or Adroit frameset, or possibly complete bike. Genuine Buyer from UK. Please contact if you have one to sell. Thanks