KHS Montana Pro


Old School Grand Master
Just picked this up from Joe ,
and I'm pleasantly surprised. It skips gears and stuff, just as said, but the wheels seem to spin freely, without any funny noises, are straight, and the rims are pleasantly unworn. What more do you need to begin a cheap project?
Stuff to do this afternoon but I'll be rummaging in the parts bin for chainrings etc.
First dilemna ; keep the cantis, which work well, or swap out for some Avid V brakes I have knocking around?
I like the originality. I would completely disassemble, clean and rebuild. Replace brake pads and and worn out bearings etc. but keep it oringinal.
The rear brake is staying, but the front may have to change as I only have a 9 speed block and shifter...
The Avid levers may work with cantis though...