KHS Montana Pro 1992?

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Picked up a nice garage find bike for my wife. Serial number is U30504832. Still has original rigid fork and apparently everything but the brakes are original.
DX front hub, XTR rear hub, XT rear derailer, XTR M900 integrated shifters/brakes.

Bike has had a easy low mileage life. Apparently a college bike then garage ornament. Rims are the Weinman Bontrager factory spec but converted to Schrader valves?

What is confusing me is the front brake set is Dia-Comp 987 and the rear brakes are Shimano STX. Did KHS toss parts at random on some bikes? Would this bike came stock with XT cantilevers?

Would Shimano brakes work better with the XTR levers? My first thought is buy another set of Dia-comp 987's so everything matches.

Have noticed that some KHS Montana Team, Pro and Comp had Ritchey stickers and some had Ritchey drop outs. Mine doesn't.

Were going to swap the ZOOM stem and handlebars with a quill adapter so we can use modern stems and handlebars for a better fit. This should be a nice upgrade from her Giant Sedona
Welcome, have you got any pictures of the bike?

Usually they would be a full groupset, so full XT on the Pro, the Team was full XTR. And the 987's will work fine with the levers.
Did you get any photos please? Would be interested to see this.
Frame number suggests it is a 1993
A 1992 would have had the frame number on the head tube - does this frame have it on the bottom bracket?
Yes I think so. My 1994 Diamondback Axis is U40102743 so the first digit in the frame number is the year.

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