Issues with Spa Cycles - advice?


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Hi guys,

I seem to be one of the few unfortunate individuals who is having a problem with Spa Cycles.
I bought a chainset, tried to remove the inner ring, and found out that thread came off with the bolts. John, the owner, told me to send the crank back.
Now he phoned my and said he cannot issue a refund because I damaged the part.

It's clearly my word against his, and he seems to have the annoying attitude of not even listening to what I say, talking over me and clearly having no intention to listen.
What is your advice in these situations?
I know what I have done, it's not a complicated affair to remove 5 bolts, and yet I have no way of proving what I have done.
He insists I stipped the threads by turning the bolts the wrong way, which is of course impossible, as they would have never come off that way.
Is there something I can do to have my voice heard? Or should I just forget about it and accept the loss?


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It looks like they changed approach, and yesterday evening I received an apologetic voicemail (not from the same person I had spoken with over the phone).
He literally told me "disregard what my colleague told you", and issued a refund.

I'm having contrasting feelings.
On the one hand I find it quite upsetting, but at the same time the pragmatic side of me is satisfied as I got my money back.
Regardless, I won't be buying from them anymore.
It might have been a one-off, but I am keen to stay clear of such shenanigans.

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You sure you spoke to John. John owns spa so why would someone below him ring uo and say disregard what my colleague told you.Sounds more like you spoke to someone else and john got involved later.Having said that its spa so anything could happen


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Lesson learned so just move on & at least you have spread the word about what this place get up to......when there is an issue with a component


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I wondered what the outcome would be :oops:.
Sorry to hear of the problem, but if you are after buying more cranks, 'boycotting' them won't help you. I understand your frustration, and in the heat of the moment, I'd think the same. Maybe (as age is getting the better of me, and my way of dealing with things has changed?,) I'd take a more pragmatic approach and send them a follow-up letter explaining what happened, thanking them for eventually sorting it out and pointing out they have nearly lost your custom - you never know, they may offer a discount for your next offer. Unfortunately even pre-covid things could get 'odd' dealing with Spa, and this pandemic has affected us all in different ways.
As an aside, a little off topic story ...My Daughter got a 'parking charge' last week, ANPR through the post, layout in ASDA carpark/adjoining hotel had changed and she didn't notice! Ouch £60, and I'd have normally retaliated, but I sent a grovelling email to the Hotel Manager and he got it waived- Result :) I'm sure the ANPR parking company wouldn't have been helpful.


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I will probably send them an email (once I get my refund), as I want to make a last attempt to explain the situation.
It doesn't sit right with me just to get the money back as a goodwill gesture, I would like for them to understand that there was a real issue.

But I can't and won't forget their customer service...


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I live about thirty miles away from Spa so usually ride over to buy bits. When I started shopping there about 20 years ago the staff were predominantly old and wise , service was brisk and friendly and the guy dealing with you new the difference between a JIS taper and a ISO one , advice on a purchase was always knowledgeable and so you got what you needed and it usually fitted when you got home.
Over time Spa has grown and in the internet age mail order will have gone through the roof. Sometimes the young lads in the shop are inexperienced so you have to take that into account and be sure you get what you ask for at the counter . I think there will be many many satisfied customers and the odd bad service and complaint . If Spa respect your consumer rights and rectify the problem that's great but the message has to be consistent , not one person saying no and another saying yes. It is in Spa's interest to look after their customers and get repeat custom and word of mouth sales . If everyone posted on a successful transaction with them Retro bike would be jammed with posts but that's not how it works . When I was fourteen (1983) I sent off for a Bianchi Faema long sleeve wool/acryli mix top to Geoffrey Butler's in London my first mail order purchase . Being young sending my £5:80 postal order to London was like sending it to a far away Galaxy , who knew what could happen ?. Fortunately I became the proud wearer of that jersey , how times have changed.