Intense M! rear brake adaptor


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MK 1 i have tried that option,the body of the caliper is two wide to fit between the frame and disc. Shogun its an Xc 4 caliper,ive fitted the front to a pair of boxxers although ive added spacers it works fine

Yeah, because Boxxer is something like +10 with an offset, they're not IS, so on a Boxxer with spacers to take up the lateral difference your XC4 probably fits a Boxxer more or less like an IS brake fits any other fork. Problem is on the rear its IS, so you need to somehow cover that missing 10mm.
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I m now on the lookout for a hope caliper or half ,the ones with the adapter as part of the caliper,same as mark ones intense,so if any one out there has one

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It must have the brake mount incorperated into the caliper an M4 no8 would be ideal,see the previous page on MK ones red intense
Here are some photos of the bit i have, its been lying around in my kit box for about 15 years, not even sure how or when i got it!

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Thats the one,although im unsure its serviceable,how much do you want for it
Should be OK, just needs a clean up and probably change the pistons and seals with the ones from the caliper half you will be replacing. I will get the brake clearer to it and see how it comes up. Where are you located, UK i presume? £5 including postage if in the UK? its just been lying around so imnot fussed.