HOPE rear Hub conversion issue


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here's two of my hubs. the silver one i've purchased recently from british ebay (i'm german) as a pair. after quite some extra costs for ebay, transport and tax (yes the original amount got doubled to be honest) i could happily unpack the box to see what the seller didn't tell: it's a 130mm race bike rear hub and i want to put it into my killer v (135mm rear spacing) for next season. long story short: is there some cracked rear hub or the required silver end cap plus axle laying in somebodys shed? i'd be very very pleased. no, none of the hubs is for sale. btw: what's the correct name for this generation of hope hubs?
Hope Mono hubs, early 00s (so you're in the wrong section ;-))

You'll need the axle and the none drive side spacer/end.
I've got some spare axles and spacers, though would need to know what yours looks like to compare as I'm not sure what hubs my spares came off of any more.