1. PanoIgano

    Sold Flite Ti - trans am yellow

    Hi everyone, Got this Flite that I won’t be using in vgc. It’s 20 euros excluding shipping fees. PayPal F&F or add the fees please. Panos
  2. T

    Help identifying Mongoose Titanium Frame

    Hi all, I recently picked up this titanium mtb frame. It’s got Mongoose IBOC … SX decals under a clearcoat, but I haven’t found any other that looks like mine online or on catalogues… It was build with a full xtr m900 groupset and rockshox 93 mag 21 fork. The serial number is under the bb shel...
  3. P

    Help id 1994-1998 Merlin Extralight

    I'd like to find out when this titanium merlin was made. Any help appreciated! There is a number on the rear drop out: 13881.
  4. G

    For Sale For sale Wittson titanium road frame ST CT 59cm CC 55cm M-L size frameset

    For sale beautiful Wittson titanium road frame build by Victoria / 4T / Wittson company. These frames were built for national team and local cycling teams to compete locally and in international events. Frameset has name plate / number holder under the top tube. Frameset comes in very clean...
  5. G

    For Sale Victoria Titanium Road Bike Frame ST CT 63.5cm TT 58.5cm

    For sale beautiful Victoria titanium road frame build by Victoria / 4T / Wittson company. These frames were made for Lithuanian road teams and athletes starting from 90s to late 2000s. Teams with such frames competed in local and international championships. This particular frame has webbed...
  6. H

    Reduced FS: Seven Axiom SL titanium frameset for mid-reach brakes

    Bought this not that long ago, but I can’t really see this project going. So I think it most go. I will take some better pictures of the frame how it looks now. I stripped all the paint off the frame and brushed it so it now have the original Seven signature raw finish - without decals. The...
  7. C

    Sold black FLITE Titanium 1992 with red logo

    not much to say. classic black 1992 flite. it's got some patina, but no cracks or loose leather or so. asking 70€ plus parcel
  8. valleyman

    For Sale Selle Italia Flite Titanium Black Saddle 1991 Reduced

    Selle Italia Flite Titanium black saddle leather from 1991 in very good conditions (please see pics, some superficial scratches that i try to take on pictures), slightly used, intact labels (red label), frame and rails in very good conditions. 110 -->100 Euros Price is in Euros without shipping...
  9. C

    Sold TUNE TI axle BB 68|113mm BSA just 161g light titanium

    got this bb sitting around. not so sure about the current value. 100€ plus parcel cost would be great
  10. valleyman

    For Sale Selle Italia Flite Titanium Yellow Saddle Kevlar Corners 1995 Reduced

    Selle Italia Flite Titanium yellow saddle, black kevlar corners, very good conditions (please see pics), 1995 year, perfect labels, red labeled, slightly used, frame and rails in very good conditions. 150 --> 140 Euros Price is in Euros without shipping cost, please contact me direct for an...
  11. C

    HOPE rear Hub conversion issue

    here's two of my hubs. the silver one i've purchased recently from british ebay (i'm german) as a pair. after quite some extra costs for ebay, transport and tax (yes the original amount got doubled to be honest) i could happily unpack the box to see what the seller didn't tell: it's a 130mm race...
  12. P

    Mtb Titanium - Columbus Hyperion

    Hi everyone, I found this old frame of a bottecchia mtb (Italian brand) 883T. It is a very rare discovery because it was made of titanium, more precisely in Columbus Hyperion. It should be from 1994/1995. It was never commercialized, so I think it's a numbered chassis (N.9) for the team, but I'm...
  13. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Custom Cruiser Stars & Bars

    Shock and awe. That is what I felt when I woke up last Saturday, after receiving an offer for a bike I never thought I would have a chance to buy. I had slept until noon, after riding my Trek 990 until 1 AM with my friends until my Cateye batteries died, and I woke up to a message from my...
  14. S

    Moots Rigor Mootis period dating help

    Hello all, I would like to kindly ask members here for assistance to date this particular Moots Rigor Mootis that I am considering buying. Based on the logos, drop outs, and style of frame, what period is it from, and if it is actually a ‘real’ Moots. Thanks for any help!
  15. A

    1994 Litespeed Ocoee/FS...

    Sat in an old lady's garage for about 40 years. Rubber parts are dried to shit but the metals are brand new. Original (?) Campagnolo Mirox 6062 T6 alloy rims. My friend's rich 86 year old pack rat mom offered a bike to me since I love biking. She said she was moving and needed to get rid of...
  16. C

    Sold V-Brake Sale Weightweenie Stuff AVID MAG + TI + Shimano DX red

    selling different v-brake sets to end their life ind an box basically :rolleyes::LOL: so there's sets of avid mag, avid ti with matching levers and a full red dx with levers. all prices plus shipping set of increadable light and lank avid mag weight weenie v-brakes. they've got some...
  17. M

    Titanium classic geo, flat bar road conversion!

  18. harzkristall

    For Sale $OLD \ American Classic Titanium Square Taper Bottom Bracket 121MM

    Up for sale is a nice condition American Classic bottom bracket with a 121mm long hollow titanium spindle. The chainline is adjustable and the bottom bracket can be greased externally (grease-guard style) The thing weights in at 153gr with an additional 15gr for the included titanium fixing...
  19. KitMoorkit

    Sold Syncros Titanium 26.8mm seatpost

    Very good condition, 330mm in length. 110Є Shipped
  20. N

    Litespeed Owl Holllow Titanium Bike (Sell as complete build or part out)?

    I have a Litespeed Own Hollow hardtail mountain bike that is in excellent condition. I'm the original owner and had this custom built 25 years ago. I'm trying to figure out if I should try and sell this as a complete build or part it out. Here is the build: BUILD/COMPONENTS - Marzochhi Z2...