1. M

    Wanted PMP bottom bracket

    Hi! I'm desperately looking for a PMP road square taper bottom bracket. The axle must be 102mm long, with BSA threaded cups and the right cup countersunk I'm located in Turin, Italy Thanks
  2. S

    Wanted GT Edge / Force / any of the late 90s triple triangle frames 54cm

    Looking for one of the older triple triangle GT road frames, 53/54 cm, any colourway. They don't pop up that often anymore, so I know one of you has one sat collecting dust somewhere. Not interested in the aero ones. Thank you!
  3. br0qn

    19" (XL) Bontrager Ti Lite w/ XT kit and Judy

    Located East Coast, US. Listed at $1000. Link may not work for you, it's private group, but can try to help put you in touch if you need.
  4. T

    Wanted PMP Titanium Skewers, Seatpost and Clamp

    Hey guys, I got my hands on a Mega Pro XL frame in Pantani colors, now working on building it up. I managed to track down most of the accurate Campy parts, now I'm looking for the PMP titanium components: Pair of skewers Seatpost (27.2), regular or Bianchi version Seatpost clamp If anyone...
  5. br0qn

    Boy, that escalated quickly - '91 Merlin Mountain

    I had planned to post a follow up to my just created '92 marin team issue thread with a just purchased (soon to arrive) '92 orange clockwork. If you read the marin thread you'll know that bike will be my first as an adult and the first I've owned since ~2000. It's a frameset sitting next to a...
  6. rubon87

    Sold Saddles NOS (San Marco)

  7. rubon87

    Withdrawn Saddles NOS (San Marco)

  8. 1.jpg


  9. Proflex RF-1 Team Replica

    Proflex RF-1 Team Replica

    Proflex team bike replica with XT, Ti flexstem, Dia compe. decals by retrodecals
  10. J

    For Sale FOR SALE: Litespeed Tachyon Titanium Road Bike / Ultegra / Mavic / Cane Creek

    Litespeed Tachyon Titanium Road Bike In great condition. Specs - C bottom bracket to top of top tube - 57cm Top tube C to C - 57cm Frame - Tachyon Titanium TT Forks - Original Real Design Aero Blade Carbon Headset - Cane creek S2 Bars - Attack-Pros Stem - Syntace F149 Seat post - Promax...
  11. J

    For Sale FOR SALE: Airborne Valkyrie Titanium Road Bike / Ultegra / Ksyrium Elite / Syntace

    AirBorne Valkyrie Titanium Road Bike Excellent condition. Specs as follows - Centre of bottom bracket to underside of seat clamp - 56cm Top tube C to C - 56cm Frame - AirBorne Titanium Forks - ISSAC AS AUDAX Carbon Bars - Syntace Racelite Stem - ITM Comp Oversized Seat post - 3K Carbon /...
  12. Bi_Polar_Bear_77

    More added! Stripping down 2 bikes (29er & 27.5er). Some parts here. Electric motor kit. Other...

    Big sale. More parts added. Cheaper than on eBay! Make me an offer. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224672745246 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224694693722 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224694879483 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224694965193 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224706816522...
  13. J

    For Sale For sale : Eddy Merckx Litespeed Titanium EX 1995 56.5cm Road Bike

    Eddy Merckx Litespeed Titine EX 1995 Titanium Road Bike This is a vintage classic and a rare top of the range frame. There are some signs wear, some small marks to the decals and frame and a slight rattle in the bearings on the front wheel but a beautiful bike needing a new home. A little bit...
  14. J

    For Sale For sale : Van Nicholas Ventus Titanium 50cm Road Bike / Used but in amazing condition

    Van Nicholas Ventus Titanium Road Bike Beautiful bike needing a new home. Specs are below. It's only been used a few times with only some small signs of wear. It's in amazing condition. There are a couple of small marks to the decals and some scuffing to the back of the saddle but thats it...
  15. J

    For Sale For sale : Lynskey Silver Series Titanium 59cm 7.4kg Road Bike / Dura-Ace / Ultegra /Carbon

    Lynskey Silver Series Titanium 7.4kg Road Bike Beautiful bike needing new home. Specs are below. Some signs of wear but in very good condition. Have a look at the photos, if you're not sure about anything, just ask. Specs - Frame seat tube - 59cm Top tube C to C - 58.5cm Weight - 7.4kg Frame...
  16. K

    For Sale Airborne Corsair Ti (16") with Pace Proclass II forks and bits

    Hi I'm new around here, but have a lovely frame and fork for sale and this seems the right place for it. (Browsing the forum is making me want to buy more than sell, but I'll keep focused...) Airborne Corsair Ti frame, 16" from BB centre to top of seat tube; approx 22" top tube C-C. The decals...
  17. kingoffootball

    For Sale U.S.E. Aero Wing, FSA OS 99 Reparto Corse stem, Microshift bar ends shifters

    I figured I may as well put these up here in case they are of interest to anyone before I try selling them via Gumtree or look for a road based forum to list them on. Carbon fibre Ultimate Sports Engineering Aero Wing £300 posted This tri/TT bar setup was on a bike I bought and I gave them a...
  18. S

    Sold Lite Speed Owl Hollow

    Sorry it’s sold :)
  19. N

    Merlin, Salsa, Mountain Goat Water Bottles

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/274855023506 https://www.ebay.com/itm/284357836025 https://www.ebay.com/itm/274855014636
  20. Vitalcorn

    Voodoo d-jab Titanium, retro modern build

    Hi everyone ! (already posted in pre 97 but as only the frame is 97 it'll maybe interested more people here, delete if not ok) In November 2019 I decided to bought a 26" titanium frame and build it as a fast and light trail/fire road bike I always loved the look of the dual slalom bikes and...