Here’s my 1997 Raleigh Ti MTB

mk one

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OK-Kazunori":2ok1l26g said:
Thanks I’ll have a really good look for cracks before I hand over the money. I’m thinking 93/94 ish but not got the serial number yet. The blue rectangular decal is what I think it should have. Pics appreciated as I’ll be able to get one made up. Also maybe pics of which decals are on seat tube?

I have had 3 of them and never had any problems with cracks. Never did get on with them though, they were always too stif, great for acceleration, flew, but to harsh for me on long rides compared to other Ti bikes i have rode.

The blue decal is Dyna Tech, but they came with the raleigh heron and the special products ones too. Others on here know more about which is which and timelines so hopefully find out.

Here is a pic of one of mine, sold now and despite the above it was a beautiful bike, so light. This one had a raleigh heron headtube badge same as yours.


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