Help required to identify my Viscount bike

fred rico

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Help required to identify my Viscount bike I had given to me last week
THE bike has
Campagnolo Nuovo gears 5 speed
Steal Crank set with cotter pins single ring
Mafac racer brakes
Mafac levers
Brooks B18 saddle
GB Handle Bars & Stem
Steal forks
Steal chrome wheals
I cannot find a Frame number It had been stored out side for a long time front wheel had rusted right threw I have been searching the internet and have not found one the same it must be an early one to only have 5 gears the internet says the gears were made in the 1950s & 1960 I will be very great full for any hep to Identify this Viscount .
Below is the link to the Photos of the bike ... 6555807232