Help me find the year of this Cannondale


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Hi everyone, I'm new in the Forum :D
I finally made the acquisition of one of my teenager dreams bike, a Cannondale F700 Caad4, a blue one to build a Team Volvo Replica, a classic.
I found it online and just got it home.

I wanted to know what year exactly is the bike, so I ask Google and it says to look here:


Ok it looks clear, the structure of serial number is like the 2000 or 2001, where it says the 2 letters at the bottom right is YEAR & MONTH.

But on my Cannondale F700 Caad4 it shows "XL"? see image

The Guide says that 1st letter shows the Year (L=2000 M=2001), and 2nd letter is the month, usually going from A=Jan to L=Dec. , so it's a December one. ok.. but that X doesn't make any sense... o_O

Does someone has a clue? :D


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2001, a mate had one, have the catalogue, main picture shows it in yellow, with blue as the optional colour.
It was available in XL, hence the stamp.


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thats what I thought, especially that they sold the bike to me as Large one, but it could be XL, for this I'd need to have measurements to compare.

But the frame size is never stamped like this on a frame with the serial number..


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Without looking at the serial number, I would have carefully suggested it was a year '99.5' model for the 2000 model year as they were already onto a different colourscheme within a few months

I bought my fancy pants team Volvo F3000SL Disc in the same colour which is almost matched perfectly by a Vauxhall/ Opel blue used for the Corsa C