Handlebar stem recommendations please


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Other brands are Salsa, profile designs, Ringle, amoeba, club roost. List goes on mate😉

Thanks for the list ishaw.
I might have got the terminology wrong with the stem due to only having recent experience with quills, are the bolt on stems called ahead or is that just a name given when using a converter in a threaded steerer? pardon my ignorance.
It's a threadless steerer on the Terratrax and the headset that's fitted to the bike's got a cable stop spacer for the cantis, I think it's made by YS something or other, haven't got the bike to hand today to look sorry.
Ahead=threadless steerer tube
Quill=threaded steerer tube


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I think I might have found a suitable stem, that's a Kalloy, seems like great value 17° rise 120mm length


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Most Kalloy will be fine, nothing fancy and rebranded by many.
You'll find them as UNO (a Kalloy brand), Club Roost (of I-beam fame) etc.

What year are we looking at and do with have suspension forks.

But try a few out and see whay style you like.
Syncros and Tioga had cinched stems, so they don't have external bolts to clamp it to the steerer.

Other than weight and size, it's really about what styles you like the look of.

92-94 not so many style, ahead was only really started in 1992.


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Thanks for that FluffyChicken, it's a mid '90s Saracen Terratrax with a rigid fork and threadless 1 1/8 steerer, I like the look of the Club Roost I-beam stems, the Ritchey Forcelite ones too as well as Ringle but the later is quite expensive. I'd settle for a no frills unbranded one like the Kalloy Uno.

I'm not after anything too fancy, just a silver stem, reasonably strong and in keeping with the look of this mid '90s rigid mtb. I plan to trick this bike out with some light blue anodised bling when I eventually get around to building it all up.

The excellent Magpiegifts put a good deal together which I couldn't pass by, frame was my size in and in such an awesome colour, I had planned to buy it as a standby for incase my beaten up Yukon bites the dust but the temptation to start building it up is getting stronger.

But I have got a Bob Jackson to sort out and a Yukon that needs some work, ahhh bikes, it's never ending with them.
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