Haggling in bike shops

Mark Manley

Old School Hero
I will ask for at least a price match if using one of the chain bikes shops but not in either of the local shops I use that are run by people I know, although I do gets mates rates occasionally as I am usually after something old stock that has been laying round a while.

jim haseltine

Retro Guru
My old boss would discount prices and round down invoices as a general rule but anybody who tried haggling with him would find that the asking price went up, not down.


Old School Grand Master
I gave up on local bike shops years ago

I once won a small prime in a road race years ago, the prime having put up by a LBS with whom i was familiar. I strut into the shop proudly displaying my voucher only to find out the cost of the item had gone up by the value of the prime, so i effectively paid retail price. I was too you young and non-assertive to dispute it, so paid up

In other (non chain) LBS's i saw the staff all over someone for whom money was no object, while those like me on a budget were made to wait

I used to spend hours behind the counter in one LBS and the owner and his assistant used to remark on every customer about how tight with money someone was or if he had a big nose or whatever

when I NEEDED a part quickly, prices always seemed to inflate

I was glad when the online shops opened - you knew what you paid, no need to leave your house to order and said items were delivered to my desk the next day


Dirt Disciple
I suppose it depends on whether you value the LBS or not, given they have to compete with the big boys and online discounters.

Going back some years, my then favourite ‘lightweight’ shop was as much a social centre as it was a shop. People meeting up there for a chat to compare race times or touring routes, getting advice from Henry behind the counter, even helping out so he could have a break or go into the workshop to finish an urgent job off.

It only ended when Henry had to retire for health reasons.