Haggling in bike shops


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Is that still a thing?

We never paid ticket price for anything. We bought second hand bikes dirt cheap, and upgraded them.

Every purchase of gear in a bike shop was a negotiation. Either a healthy discount off the ticket price, or thrown in add-ons, eg. Free tyre and tube with a wheel build, free inner tubes with tyres, free cleats with Sidi shoes, or a free seatpost with a saddle.


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On the basis that demand outstrips supply i’d very much doubt it.

Some items are fetching a premium on eBay over rrp.


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It'll be a cold day in hell before I buy something like handlebars from a bike shop, without them giving me a healthy discount off the ticket price, or throw in the bar tape of my choice.


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We've been lucky enough to get regular discounts at 2 shops in the past. One was unasked for but in support of our lad racing on one of their brand of bikes (Giant) & through a supported team via Orange & their local dealer. Social media posts mentioning the dealer was justifiably asked for in return .

Would never haggle over regular purchases. Working part time in retail my favourite is being handed a customers phone so I can find them a price match!
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I get a discount in my local bike shop simply because the manager there used to live on the same street when we were kids, he's worked there since leaving school 30 odd yrs ago.. i think it's his staff discount which he runs through the till if i want anything..

.. it's a good job too because i'm devoid of all haggling skills.. if the ticket price says £100 and i try to haggle.. i'd end up paying £120 😊
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As a long standing customer of a local bike shop I was always given 15% discount . Sadly the shop ceased trading after 84 years as a family business . A victim of the internet .