GT Zaskar LE 96 - Summer 2012 Revamp Pics added page 2

Wold Ranger

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CHASE76":1txua8d1 said:
Cheers wold, still undecided about the forks, still yet to weigh also, very pleased with it so far, gonna need another BB as I can't shift into smallest ring up front? Not sure what size I should get though, any ideas? Can you remember what size you used with the toplines?

Was a 128mm, I found the same, 122 fit but couldn't get Granny ring, but then the damned thing was so light I never needed the Granny ever :twisted:


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Great looking ride. I love the stars and stripes decals and the GT/Hadley hubs are amazing. I've got a set on my Lobo and the buzz from the 6 pawls in a Hadley is so much more satisfying than that of a King hub.