Grove Innovations 1991 Hard Core + 1993 X


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Hallo Jungs,

at the moment there are two projects by Grove Innovations in my living room, that I can't wait to finish. I haven't had Groves on my agenda until I got the X offered by a fellow collector at the 'Classic Parts Basar' over here in Berlin.
Every year vintage enthusiasts meet up there to have a BBQ, Beer and trade retro bike stuff. As the X was nos and had the crazy Glowing Nuclear Lizard paint job, I was not able to resist and bought it.
That was the starting point of my appreciation for Groves and made me buy another Hard Core lately.

From time to time I will post some photos of both of them here, so I can share the builds with you guys.


The Hard Core is a complete set, whereas the X misses the matching forks...


What a great name for a paintjob! Is it "Crazy Glowing Nuclear Lizard" or just "Glowing Nuclear Lizard"? Either way I'm in... ;)

Fab, love both of the frames. Look forward to the build
If you ever want to part with the hardcore frameset and parts let me know.
Thank you, guys!

The Hard Core is painted in ‚Purple Passion‘ which looks very vibrant in reality.
Whereas the X is as posted before in ‚Glowing Nuclear Lizard’ for sick people.

The HC will be built with classic Xt parts. I already fitted a nos headset and laced XT hubs with anthrazit Campa Ateks.

I am not sure whether I want a black or a white Turbo on the HC. what do you think?

I saw the pic of the Hard-core and was like "Phwooooooaaaarrrrr!!!!! :cool: ".

Then scrolled down and saw the X, my mind us now blown! :shock: :LOL:

2 fantastic projects you've got there.
Dry cool. That HC is beautiful. Love that it’s complete and the color is unreal. The X no doubt is cool too. Watching these two for sure.

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