1990 Grove Innovations Hard Core


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Here is my 1990 Grove Innovations Hard Core. I saw this frame listed on

ebay a few years ago and fell in love with it. Have to admit at that time I had not heard of Bill Grove or Grove Innovations, but another example of a MTB Trailblazer who did it his way.
The paint and decals screamed Miami Vice to me and combining that with the size of the Tandem downtube that was used on these frames, I was hooked.

The bike was restored by Martin K at Second Spin Cycles and he had John Slawata paint it, then used NOS decals. Grove had their own crank (hot rods) and

handlebar (hammer head) options and this bike has both. It's steel, heavy and stiff. Being in my early 50's its hard for me to remember what it was like to ride these bikes in the rough terrain back in the day, especially compared to modern full suspension bikes of today.

Finally able to get outside and do some riding so I took it out last weekend for a 16 mile ride on paved bike path, grass fields, frozen mud trails and even some snow. Made its way through it all very well, but man the riders arms take a beating. Maybe I'm just getting old. Took some pictures on the ride and included a few from last year in varying seat/seat post options too.


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Few more pics


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Do you have any "before" photos from when you bought it on eBay? It would be interesting to see what state it was in before the restoration.
Do you have any "before" photos from when you bought it on eBay? It would be interesting to see what state it was in before the restoration.
I don't have any before photos. It was restored when I purchased it. I've experimented with different accessories (seats, grips, tires, cables, wheels) but the paint was done before it got to me.
Those Grove's are beautifully built and detailed bikes.

Very unusual to see such large profiled tubes on a steel framed bike, feels like they've taken Columbus Max OR tubing and enlarged them on a photocopier!!!

Amazing paint jobs too. I remember looking at these in MBA. Proper US exotica! :cool:
Adding some new pics here as I’m going to enter this in the BOTM repaint contest. It’s tough to get pics of this paint. It’s over the top cool and looks different depending on lighting and angle. F8D415F0-6E89-4634-90FF-C12BF661EA49.jpeg C2E713A7-2E44-42C1-A335-9B085CD46510.jpeg 4F76048D-7B2D-419D-B975-B9CC8CD01571.jpeg


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