Grove Innovations 1991 Hard Core + 1993 X

Very cool you guys are interested in these projects.

Well the X misses the matching forks. I don‘t know where it has gone to in the decades before I bought the incomplete set.

X frames used to come with Assault forks since both models share the same geometry. I was searching for one quite some time but wasn’t able to find one.
Finally I decided to go with a Ritchey logic, which is the closest to it. No fender mounts and no hole drilled in the front. Also it weighs 685g.
I found a painter over here in Berlin who says he is able to make a matching Glowing Nuclear Lizard crackle paint job. Let’s see if he does. It will take a couple of weeks until I will bring him the fork, since I have other parts that need to get some color too.

I have put a King to the set and a Campa wheelset with black XT hubs.

Great projects! Looking forward to seeing developments.
I just saw, that I didn’t finish this build thread. So I will just post some photos of the HC here and keep you updated regarding the X.

Different to what Is shown in the contest, the HC now has Tioga Psycho Blackwalls which somehow supports the hard core aesthetic of the bike. I also put bar plugs into the Hammerhead for wider grips.
The only thing to change is the seat.
A Turbo is waiting to be installed on the seatpost, since the Flite Alpes appears a little flimsy compared to the rest of the bike.



Totally agree on that. In the beginning of collecting vintage MTBs I always tried to get Cook Bros, Paul and other CNC stuff. I kept that stuff for over a decade and recently sold all of it, since I never put it on my bikes.

The X will also get a complete XT spec.
Yes Malte! I prefer amber wall tyres for most vintage MTB builds but I think those Psychos are a great choice in this instance. The look matches the name, and it's totally badass!