Great Dun fell road ride April 14th REVISED ROUTE

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Thanks to all who arranged and took part. Especially Clive for his hospitality and directions.
Now I have a big problem, do I trade in the carbon bike against a retro steed or just buy one outright??

Buy out right Rich its cheaper in the end you could probably get £350 £400 for your carbon and get a very decent retro for that money.

Well was a trip of neigh on 460 miles to climb a hill worth it .....


Clive you did us proud as did the weather and the scenery.....

after been stuck in the boot all the way there Scott wanted to see what Cumbria had to offer

ahhh yeah, almost forgot :oops: this was a Road ride and I turned up with an MTB :oops:
kinda like showing up at Gun fight armed with a knife.

so it was off for Surgery in Clive fabled workshop - under close inspection from Martin and Carl who was made up when he found some dirt that I'd missed when last cleaning it.

Found the lone Jock outside complete with touring bike that was to prove to be one of the many highlights of the day when Ken cooked (boiled) the front brake on the decent and changed the colour of his front rotor forever

. Scott Endorphin outside fitted with inch slicks, ^^

Carls rocket ship was Ummm....rather Citrus Zingy

Martin and Rich discussing tactics..

Have to say the scenery was spectacular and the Dunn Fell didn't disappoint, mid April and even half way up there was enough snow about to stand a bike up in it total unaided.

and at the top, we had a group pic on the Sunny side, however just to prove I made it.

I'll post a bit more later but for now the above will hopefully keep my great friend Mr Muz happy

Thanks Nick!

An mtb at a road bike event. Only you! :LOL:

Great photos so far. My goodness Carl, that is a bright bike! :shock:

The lone Jock would like to make it clear at this point that after hauling 17kg of bike up that hill it was fooking scary to discover that the now 16kg of bike (Cargo of Haribo shared out at the top) steered like an oil tanker on the way back down. :eek:

This may have led to some sub-optimal braking practices in preference to going straight through a bend. :facepalm:

Luckily, theyre cable operated hydros so a bit of creative work with the cable took over from the missing fluid and kept me on the road. :p

I like the new rotor colour too! :D

Well, finally got to uploading these...


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and some more


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If only there was a pic of Rich's perfectly launched snowball sailing over the roof of one of the low buildings...

Just as well Pete still had his helmet on!