Giant Coldrock and Marin Muirwoods

Sort of impulsively bought some bikes.

Actually went to go and pick up this Hardrock for £5 with a stuck seat post. I’ve got enough bits to make this a working bike so I’ll sell it on as it’s too big for me really.

And whilst I was there the guy gave me a look at so other tat he had. Ended up also buying this “Coventry Eagle” 100 years thing. Which despite its name actually has a full Deore LX groupset. The frame is actually double butted cromo and it has a spinner fork. Headset is super nice, stem is like a steel copy of my Marin roller stem. But anyway it meant I could add some deore lx parts to the hoarder bin to save for later (including the front wheel which is almost new despite the filth). It also meant I could pinch the BR-M550 cantis for my Marin!

IMG_2177.jpeg IMG_2176.jpeg

Then hooked up a chain and ran the brake cables. Still waiting on straddle hangers to arrive then I can take it for a blast. This is by far the nicest bike I’ve ever owned let alone built. Very pleased with it.

IMG_2180.jpeg IMG_2181.jpeg

But yeah - what should I do with this Eagle thing? Seems a shame for it to go to waste since it’s clearly come from a decent bike makers factory in Taiwan. But it isn’t filling me with pure joy 😂
IMG_2263.jpeg IMG_2268.jpeg IMG_2269.jpeg IMG_2273.jpeg IMG_2274.jpeg

Just a few snaps from today’s blast. 30 miles from Leith out to the Pentlands and back. It was really boggy and muddy. There was a point where I was washing the bike off in a stream because the clay was like riding with the brakes on 😂.

But aside from all that it was perfect. Lots of gear ratio for the hills. The fat tyres were nice on the rougher gravel. Couldn’t fault it.
So my girlfriend has always eyed up the Coldrock and now that she’s moving to the city and needs a commuter bike I told her that if I found something cool to build she could use that. I wanted something aluminium as I need to carry it up loads of stairs and the giant is a beefcake. I also fancied a fork because I cycle over lots of cobbles.

Then this Cannondale F500 pops up for sale 20 mins away from me for, no joke, £60. Aside from some paint bubbling it’s mint and the guy had bought it brand new. All deore lx and stx. Upgraded to deore V brakes. Headshok works perfectly. Coda sealed bearing hubs. So I chucked my seat and pedals on from the Giant, fitted a set of specialized alu bars from the parts bin that have a bit of a rise. I also had a slightly wider range 8 speed cassette in the bin that got used. Got a set of 26” muddies for £10. Chucked some gravel tyres on and away we go. All weather commuter and general shenanigans bike. It does look rather nice though…

As collected:

Faffed with:
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