Furthest distance you would travel ...

mk one

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Well, i think those few that have traveled to another country, regardless of miles, deserve respect :cool:


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Yes, the fish & chips bribe! Always works a treat when trying to get the missus to ride shotgun.

Have travelled 500 mile/ 8 hour round trip for Retrobike rides though. Got to see new places and be gnarly on shit bikes


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As soon as I get my vaccine I'll travel to Africa. I know you talk about bike travel, but lemme dream a little)) I miss the crazy trips, the late-night conversations around the campfire with friends or strangers, the starry sky, which unfortunately you will not see in the city due to light pollution and clouds. I'd like to get on the road with Altezza as soon as possible!
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as soon as I get my vaccine I'll travel to Africa. I know you talk about bike travel, but lemme dream a little))
Thats the destination of many dreams,Kenya especially, and after all, they've got Lions....

Forget Norway ;)


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Its a 1936 Dayton Safety Streamline. This bike is thought to have been repurposed during the Second World War, due to the fact that it is painted in Schwinn colors and stenciled in Schwinn design. I first saw this particular bike about 8yrs ago. I was put in touch with the owner at the time and asked if he would like to sell. He said no but would keep me in mind. So every Spring I would drop him a line to let him know that I was still out there and still very interested in the bike. Well, this time he was ready to let the bike go, thus I started on my 1200 mile journey to pick up this amazing bike. Feel very fortunate to be the care taker of this bike. The big bonus is that is very comfortable and a pleasure to ride.

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did nearly 450miles round trip for a bike...

but when sold my car, chap came from Denmark to collect it - ironically, with me being 10 mins from Harwich and him near his ferry port his round trip was only about 50 miles! got off the ferry, picked the car up and he made the next sailing home!