Furthest distance you would travel ...


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So recently I beat my own record.. 204 mile round trip … never thought I’d see the day 🤔😵💫

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Ive done a stupid diversion to collect a single rim (wheel, but only wanted the rim), which the seller wasn't willing to post.
Was supposed to be driving from Crawley to Portsmouth, ended up going via Oxford. An extra 110 miles and 2 hours driving to collect a £45 rim. Ended up sleeping in the car that night too!

A week before that collected a bike. 210 miles round trip one evening.
I dont like driving.......but it was for bike bits!
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Furthest to collect a bike was Dortmund in Germany...(Well my brother collected it, as he was on a road trip at the time but did divert 300Km to get it)


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I once picked up a £50 Schwinn Cruiser bike from Newcastle, a 350 mile trip each way for me, but I also picked up a SAAB 9000 Carlson at the same time. Flew in and drove back.
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Did a 300 mile round trip to Blackpool from the East coast of Yorkshire to pick up my Claud Canyon. Last resort really as I’d paid through the nose for it 2 months earlier but the seller had some issues so the planned meeting halfway (Leeds) didn’t happen. I turned up in Leeds and could see he was busily commenting on Facebook & YouTube but refused to answer my messages. So I went to his house…
No surprise he wasn’t there but had at least boxed the frame up and left it in his front porch…


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What’s the furthest distance (round trip) you would/have traveled to pick up a bike? I’m talking physically driven in your own vehicle.
The furthest I have so far travelled was 129 miles, for a bike that cost me £26, picked up several by train between 60 and 100 miles. Would travel overseas for the right bike at the right price.


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When we lived in Wellington in NZ I went to Sydney to pick up a bike frame - had a lovely weekend there too

that's nearly 5000km

thank god it turned out nicer than in the photos - cant remember what it was though - maybe a NOS clark kent from memory