Framebuilders Facebook page!


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I was perusing Facebook earlier and a link to this page popped up
Having recently completed a linkage fork which, though a little heavy, is working very well, I feel myself in danger of sliding down the slippery slope towards building a full bike. Is anyone involved in this page?

I've signed up to the page to get access and will post again if I find something relevant or interesting. Whilst a newly built frame may not be retro, it's likely to have a retro spirit.


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I'm also a member of the group.

It's a good resource though be prepared to have anything you ask answered with "You need to spend £____ buying a ______." by at least 3 or 4 people.

You posted that fork on the group didn't you? I love it and meant to ask more about it , do you have any photos of the full thing? And details of how you did the pivots, like, are they just bushings or do you have bearings in there?


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There are no bearings in my fork. I just made replaceable bushes from steel tubes, the top bushes are mounted in nylon. It's not as if I'll ride it thousands of times so wear is not a big concern.



In terms of framebuilding, I'd like to do a carbon fibre full supension. VPP at the rear and linkage front.